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ALLMARK, Peter, BHANBHRO, Sadiq and CHRISP, Tom (2014). An argument against the focus on Community Resilience in Public Health. BMC Public Health, 14, p. 62.

AMOR, Sandra and WOODROOFE, Nicola (2014). Innate and adaptive immune responses in neurodegeneration and repair. Immunology, 141 (3), 287-291.

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BULLOUGH, Steven, MILLAR, Robbie, RAMCHANDANI, Girish and COLEMAN, Richard (2014). The effect of central contracts on the stability and performance of the England Test cricket team. [El efecto de contratos centrales sobre la estabilidad y el desempeño del equipo inglés de Test cricket]. RICYDE. Revista internacional de ciencias del deporte, 10 (35), 4-15.

COLEMAN, Katie, MIAH, Emma, MORRIS, Gordon and MORRIS, Cecile (2014). Impact of health claims in prebiotic enriched breads on purchase intent, emotional response and product liking. International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, 65 (2), 164-171.

DAY, Rebecca E., KITCHEN, Philip, OWEN, David, BLAND, Charlotte, MARSHALL, Lindsay, CONNER, Alex C., BILL, Roslyn M. and CONNER, Matthew (2014). Human aquaporins: regulators of transcellular water flow. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - General Subjects, 1840 (5), 1492-1506.

DELLER, Ruth (2014). Reality television and the religious/spiritual makeover. International Journal of Cultural Studies. (In Press)

DELLER, Ruth A (2014). A decade in the lives of online fan communities. In: DUITS, L, REIJNDERS, S and ZWAAN, K, (eds.) The Ashgate research companion to fan cultures. Ashgate. (In Press)

DHARMADASA, R, DHARMADASA, I and DRUFFEL, T (2014). Intense pulsed light sintering of electrodeposited CdS thin films. Advanced Engineering Materials. (In Press)

DHARMADASA, Ruvini, LAVERY, Brandon, DHARMADASA, I and DRUFFEL, Thad (2014). Intense Pulsed Light Treatment of Cadmium Telluride Nanoparticle-Based Thin Films. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, p. 140325084642002. (In Press)

DUNN, S.L., WILKINSON, J.M., CRAWFORD, A., LE MAITRE, Christine and BUNNING, R.A.D. (2014). Cannabinoid WIN-55,212-2 mesylate inhibits interleukin-1β induced matrix metalloproteinase and tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase expression in human chondrocytes. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage. (In Press)

FARAGAI, I. A. and PEREIRA, Mauro (2014). Interaction of valence band excitations and terahertz TE-polarized cavity modes. Optical and Quantum Electronics, 46 (4), 527-531.

FLINT, John F and POWELL, Ryan (2014). Anti-social behaviour and 'civilizing' regulation in the British city : comparing Victorian and contemporary eras. In: PICKARD, S, (ed.) Anti-social behaviour in Britain : Victorian and contemporary perspectives. London, Palgrave Macmillan. (In Press)

FLINT, John F and POWELL, Ryan (2014). 'We've got the equivalent of Passchendaele' : sectarianism, football and urban disorder in Scotland. In: HOPKINS, Matt and TREADWELL, James, (eds.) Football hooliganism, fan behaviour and crime : contemporary issues. Palgrave Macmillan. (In Press)

GREEN, Geff and LOCKLEY, Eleanor (2014). Surveillance without borders : the case of Karen refugees in Sheffield. In: AKHGAR, Babak and ARABNIA, Hamid R., (eds.) Emerging trends in ICT security. Emerging Trends in Computer Science & Applied Computing (1). Waltman, MA, Morgan Kaufmann, 519-533.

HALL, Sheldon (2014). Pass the ammunition : a short etymology of “Blockbuster". In: ELLIOTT, Andrew B.R., (ed.) The Return of the Epic Film. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press. (In Press)

HARGREAVES, John and PRICE, Ilfryn (2014). Poor governance design: Its impact on transaction costs and value creation. In: EURAM 2014, Valencia, June 2014. (Submitted)

HEPPLESTONE, Stuart and CHIKWA, Gladson (2014). Understanding how students process and use feedback to support their learning. Professional Research in Higher Education, 8 (1), 41-53.

HOLDEN, Melanie A, HAYWOOD, Kirsty L, POTIA, Tanzila A, GEE, Melanie and MCLEAN, Sionnadh (2014). Recommendations for exercise adherence measures in musculoskeletal settings: a systematic review and consensus meeting (protocol). Systematic Reviews, 3 (10).

KORMANN, Mariza and LOCK, Gary (2014). Exploring differences : implications for FCVA visibility indices and scales of analyses. In: KAMERMANS, Hans, GOJDA, Martin and POSLUSCHNY, Axel G., (eds.) A sense of the past : studies in current archaeological applications of remote sensing and non-invasive prospection methods. British Archaeological reports international series (2588). Oxford, UK, British Archaeological Reports, 147-154.

KUNG, Shia Ping and TAYLOR, Peter (2014). The use of public sports facilities by the disabled in England. Sport Management Review, 17 (1), 8-22.

MAIDMENT, Christopher D., JONES, Christopher R., WEBB, Thomas L., HATHWAY, E. Abigail and GILBERTSON, Janet (2014). The impact of household energy efficiency measures on health: A meta-analysis. Energy Policy, 65, 583-593.

MCCAIG, Colin and HARRISON, Neil (2014). An ecological fallacy in higher education policy: the use, overuse and misuse of 'low participation neighbourhoods'. Journal of Further and Higher Education, 1-27. (In Press)

MCCARTHY, Penny (2014). Mirror: Time will darken paper, a picture essay examining mimesis through autographic practice as a way to transform our understanding of digital material. In: Memories of the Future, UCL, Chelsea School of Art and Institute of Modern Languages Research, 2-3 May 2014. (Submitted)

MCCARTHY, Penny (2014). Time will darken paper. New York, The Esopus Foundation. (Unpublished)

MORRIS, Cecile and CHIKWA, Gladson (2014). Screencasts: how effective are they and how do students engage with them? Active Learning in Higher Education, 15, 25-37.

NERANTZI, Chrissi and BECKINGHAM, Sue (2014). BYOD4L – Our Open Magical Box to Enhance Individuals’ Learning Ecologies. In: JACKSON, Norman and WILLIS, Jenny, (eds.) Lifewide Learning & Education in Universities and Colleges E-Book. UK, Lifewide Education.

NEVILL, Alan, DONNELLY, Paul, SHIBLI, Simon, FOSTER, Charlie and MURPHY, Marie (2014). Modifiable behaviors help to explain the inequalities in perceived health associated with deprivation and social class : evidence from a national sample. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 11 (2), 339-347.

PEPLOW, David and CARTER, Ronald (2014). Stylistics and real readers. In: BURKE, Michael, (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Stylistics. Routledge . (In Press)

POWELL, Ryan (2014). Civilizing process. In: FORSYTH, Craig J and COPES, Heith, (eds.) Encyclopedia of social deviance. Sage. (In Press)

PRICE, Ilfryn (2014). Organizational Darwinism and research methodology. In: EURAM 2014, Valencia, June 2014. (Submitted)

PROBST, Heidi, BRAGG, Christopher, DODWELL, David, GREEN, David and HART, John (2014). A systematic review of methods to immobilise breast tissue during adjuvant breast irradiation. Radiography, 20 (1), 70-81.

PRODANOVIC, Nikola, VUKMIROVIC, Nenad, INDJIN, Dragan, IKONIC, Zoran and HARRISON, Paul (2014). Importance of Polaronic Effects for Charge Transport in CdSe Quantum Dot Solids. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. (In Press)

RAMCHANDANI, Girish and WILSON, Darryl (2014). Historical and contemporary trends in competitive balance in the Commonwealth Games. [Las tendencias históricas y contemporáneas en el equilibrio competitivo en los Juegos de la Commonwealth]. RICYDE. Revista internacional de ciencias del deporte, 10 (35), 75-88.

RIDLEY-DUFF, Rory and BULL, Mike (2014). Entrepreneurship: Value-Added Ventures. In: Principles of Responsible Management. Boston, South Western College Publishing, 186-219. (In Press)

SIDDEQ, M. M. and RODRIGUES, M. A. (2014). A novel image compression algorithm for high resolution 3D reconstruction. 3D research, 5 (7), 17 pages.

SORANZO, Alessandro (2014). Simultaneous contrast, simultaneous brightness contrast, and simultaneous color contrast. In: Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology. New York, Springer. (In Press)

VILAR, Luís, ARAÚJO, Duarte, TRAVASSOS, Bruno and DAVIDS, Keith (2014). Coordination tendencies are shaped by attacker and defender interactions with the goal and the ball in futsal. Human Movement Science, 33, 14-24.

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