Influence of bismuth on structural, elastic and spectroscopic properties of Nd3+ doped Zinc–Boro-Bismuthate glasses

GUPTA, Gaurav, SONTAKKE, Atul D., KARMAKAR, P., BISWAS, K., BALAJI, S., SAHA, R., SEN, R. and ANNAPURNA, K. (2014). Influence of bismuth on structural, elastic and spectroscopic properties of Nd3+ doped Zinc–Boro-Bismuthate glasses. Journal of Luminescence, 149, 163-169.

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The present investigation reports, influence of bismuth addition on structural, elastic and spectral properties of [(99.5−x) {4ZnO−3B2O3}−0.5Nd2O3−x Bi2O3 where x=0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60] glasses. The measured FTIR reflectance spectra facilitated a thorough insight of methodical modifications that are arising in the glass structure from borate (build by BO3 and BO4 units) to bismuthate (BiO3 and BiO6 units) network due to the increase of bismuth content ensuing with a steady decrease in host phonon energy (νph). The elastic properties estimated from measured longitudinal and shear ultrasonic velocities (UL and Us) demonstrated the reduction in network rigidity of glasses on Bi2O3 inclusion. The three phenomenological Judd–Ofelt intensity parameters (Ω2, 4, 6) were obtained from recorded absorption spectra of Nd3+ ions in these glasses and have been used to predict radiative properties as a function of variation in bismuth content. The reduced host phonon energy and high optical basicity effect due to Bi2O3 incorporation remarkably improved the Nd3+ luminescence properties such as emission intensity, quantum yield and emission cross-section. The quantum yield showed a strong increase from mere 16% in Zinc–Borate glass to almost 73% in 60 mol% Bi2O3 containing glass. Similarly, the emission cross-section for Nd3+ 4F3/2→4I11/2 laser transition raised from 2.43×10−20 cm2 to 3.95×10−20 cm2 in studied concentration suggesting a strong improvement in Nd3+ laser spectroscopic properties in Zinc–Boro-Bismuthate glass. These materials may be promising for compact solid state infrared lasers.

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