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ABDALRAHMAN, Y. (2013). Assessing land degradation and land use in the Libyan Al-jabal Alakhdar region. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

ABDEL-RAHMAN, Mohamed A, ABDEL-NABI, Ismail M, EL-NAGGAR, Mohamed S, ABBAS, Osama A and STRONG, Peter (2013). Conus vexillum venom induces oxidative stress in Ehrlich's ascites carcinoma cells: an insight into the mechanism of induction. Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins including Tropical Diseases, 19 (1), p. 10.

ABDELGADIR, Jamal Hussain A. (2013). Insights into organisational capabilities that influence innovation and organisational competitiveness in SMEs (small and medium enterprises). Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

ABDO, Hafez (2013). Investigating the effectiveness of different forms of mineral resources governance in meeting the objectives of the UK petroleum fiscal regime. Energy Policy, 65, 48-56.

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ABUAROSHA, Masauda Abdularhim. (2013). Drivers and obstacles of agriculture development in Libya : Case study : Marine aquaculture. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

ADAMS, Gill (2013). Women teachers' experiences of learning mathematics. Research in Mathematics Education, 15 (1), 87-88.

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AL SHARJI, Safiya, BEER, Martin and URUCHURTU, Elizabeth (2013). Enhancing the degree of personalization through Vector Space Model and Profile Ontology. In: THUY, Nguyen Thanh, OGAWA, Mizuhito, HO, Tu Bao, PIURI, Vincenzo and TRAN, Xuan-Tu, (eds.) Computing and Communication Technologies, Research, Innovation, and Vision for the Future (RIVF), 2013 IEEE RIVF International Conference on. IEEE Xplore, 248-252.

AL-ALI, Omar Al-Kharji, ANANI, Nader, AL-ARAJI, Saleh and AL-QUTAYRI, Mahmoud (2013). Analysis and optimisation of the convergence behaviour of the single channel digital tanlock loop. International Journal of Electronics, 100 (9), 1296-1308.

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ALARDAWI, Ahmed. (2013). The influence of class structure on program comprehension : An empirical study. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

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ALLAN, Paul. (2013). Holistic perspectives on learning and knowledge : An awarding body perspective. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

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ALLMARK, Peter (2013). Virtue and austerity. Nursing Philosophy, 14, 45-52.

ALLMARK, Peter, BHANBHRO, Sadiq and CHRISP, Tom (2013). RESILIENT ROTHERHAM? Project Report. NHS Rotherham. (Unpublished)

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ANSAH, E.K., REYNOLDS, Joanna, AKANPIGBIAM, S., WHITTY, C.J.M. and CHANDLER, C.I.R. (2013). "Even if the test result is negative, they should be able to tell us what is wrong with us": a qualitative study of patient expectations of rapid diagnostic tests for malaria. Malaria Journal, 12 (1), p. 258.

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ASH, Cany, BIRKBECK, David, BROWN, Sam, CERULLI, Cristina and STEVENSON, Fionn (2013). Motivating Collective Custom Build Report. Sheffield, UK, University of Sheffield.

ASHBY, Robert P. (2013). Causes and implications of socio-ecomic differentiation in residential energy efficiency retrofitting. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

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AUTOGENA, Lise Frandsen, PORTWAY, Joshua and GOUGH, Orlando (2013). Foghorn Requiem. [Performance]

AZADEGAN, Aida, PAPAMICHAIL, Nadia and SAMPAIO, Pedro (2013). Applying collaborative process design to user requirements elicitation: a case study. Computers in Industry, 64 (7), 798-812.


BAKER-GREEN, Karl. (2013). Community regeneration : The information society in deprived areas of South Yorkshire. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)..

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BATEMAN, Roger (2013). BioFurniture. [Show/Exhibition]

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