Design and fabrication of a bench-scale continuous fast pyrolysis rig

KABIR, Feroz, RAZZAQUE, Abdur, ELHASSAN, Hassan and ABAKR, Yousif (2013). Design and fabrication of a bench-scale continuous fast pyrolysis rig. In: Proceedings of ICCE 2013: International Conference & Exhibition on Clean Energy, 9-11 September 2013.

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In Malaysia, nearly 32 MMT (Million Metric Tons) of lignocellulosic biomass equivalent to 4.6 MMT of gasoline is generated annually which has the potential to displace 60% of current Malaysian gasoline consumption. The present study is focused on fast pyrolysis technology where biomass will be rapidly heated to vaporized molecules followed by cooling them into bio-oil. The studies include design and fabrication of a bench scale pyrolizer rig of capacity 1 kg/h of biomass. The rig includes a bubbling fluidized reactor, cyclone separators, 4 condensers, and gas analyzer to monitor LEL. In the 1st condenser, heavier aromatics and furans are condensed. The 2nd unit condenses mostly branched hydrocarbons,phenolics, lighter fractions of aromatics and furans. Most of the remaining organic molecules are condensed in the 3rd condenser, water vapors and light condensibles are condensed in the 4th condenser. These individual organic fractions will be selectively upgraded to liquid fuel in subsequent upgrading sections.

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