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COTTERRELL, David, SLOAN, Helen and FOSTER, Stephen (2012). Monsters of the Id. [Show/Exhibition]

LUO, Quanshun, CHI, Kuangnan, LI, Shuxin and BARNARD, Pete (2012). Microstructural stability and lattice misfit characterization of nimonic 263. In: Proceedings of the ASME 2012 Pressure Vessels & Piping Division Conference. Volume 6, Materials and fabrication, Parts A and B. ASME, 281-290.

MIDDLETON, Ray, DAY, David and LALLIE, Harjinder Singh (2012). Global network security: a vulnerability assessment of seven popular outsourcing countries. In: The IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things (IEEE iThings 2012), Besançon, France, November 20-23, 2012. (Unpublished)

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SUCKLEY, Louise, DOBSON, Stephen, BARTON, Rachel and RODRIGUEZ, Liliana (2012). Understanding Innovation in the Workspace: A case study. In: Work, Wellbeing and Performance: Thriving in times of uncertainty, Sheffield, 26th - 28th June 2012. (Submitted)

SWANN, David and UNVER, Ertu (2012). Buy, Drink, Recycle, Sell, See. [Artefact]

WOOD, Richard (2012). The image of human condition: Sidney’s Arcadia and the Conflicts of Virtue. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.


AL-ALI, Omar Al-Kharji, ANANI, Nader, AL-ARAJI, Saleh, AL-QUTAYRI, Mahmoud and PONNAPALLI, Prasad (2012). Digital tanlock loop architecture with no delay. International Journal of Electronics, 99 (2), 179-195.

ALBERTSON, Katherine, O'KEEFFE, Caroline, LESSING-TURNER, Georgina, BURKE, Catherine and RENFREW, Mary J. (2012). Tackling health inequalities through developing evidence-based policy and practice with childbearing women in prison: a consultation. Project Report. Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University.

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BANKS, James (2012). Online gambling and crime: a sure bet? The ETHICOMP Journal.

BANKS, James (2012). Unmasking deviance: the visual construction of asylum seekers and refugees. Critical Criminology : International Journal, 20 (3), 293-310.

BANKS, James and MOXON, David (2012). UIEGA and the rise and rise of gaming and gambling in the UK. CrimeTalk.

BARN, Balbir and CLARK, Tony (2012). Goal based alignment of enterprise architectures. In: 7th International Conference on Software Paradigm Trends (ICSOFT 2012), Rome, Italy, 24-27 July 2012.

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BEER, Martin, ALBOUL, Lyuba, NORLING, Emma and WALLIS, Peter (2012). Using Agents in Virtual Environments to Assist Controllers to Manage Multiple Assets. In: Workshop on Cognitive Agents for Virtual Environments, AAMAS 2012, Valencia, Spain, 4th June 2012.

BELL, Anthony and HENDERSON, C. Michael B. (2012). Evidence for an orthorhombic-cubic high temperature phase transition in Cs2ZnSi5O12 leucite. In: British Crystallographic Association Spring Meeting, Warwick University, April 2012. (Submitted)

BOONYARIT, Itsara, CHUAWANLEE, Wiladlak, MACASKILL, Ann and SUPPARERKCHAISAKU, Numchai (2012). Thai conceptualizations of forgiveness within a work context : comparison with Western models. International Journal of Behavioral Science, 7 (1), 1-30.

BOWEN, Simon and WOLSTENHOLME, Dan (2012). Service innovation for living well with type 1 Diabetes. In: Designing Wellbeing Workshop, DIS 2012, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK, June 2012.

BOYLAN, Mark and SMITH, Peter (2012). Tutor roles in collaborative group work. Student Engagement and Experience Journal, 1 (1), 1-13.

BRADLEY, Sally (2012). Recognising the inspirational teaching of Claire Craig. Student Engagement and Experience Journal, 1 (2).

BREESE, Richard (2012). Benefits realisation management: panacea or false dawn? International Journal of Project Management, 30 (3), 341-351.

BREESE, Richard, EYRE, Graham and COGILL, Peter (2012). Change management - practising what we teach: successfully engaging international students in the teaching, learning & assessment process. Student Engagement and Experience Journal, 1 (1), 1-14.

BROWN, Chloe (2012). All things bright and beautiful. [Show/Exhibition]

BROWN, Chloe (2012). Things will never be the same again, and, A fragile happiness. [Artefact]

BROWN, Chloe (2012). To Hyperborea. [Artefact]

BROWNLEE, Iain, FAIRCLOUGH, Andrew, HALL, Anna and PAXMAN, Jenny (2012). The potential health benefits of seaweed and seaweed extract. In: POMIN, Vitor H., (ed.) Seaweed : ecology, nutrient composition and medicinal uses. Marine Biology : Earth Sciences in the 21st Century . Hauppauge, New York, Nova Science Publishers, 119-136.

BULL, Melanie and BROWN, Tim (2012). Change communication : the impact on satisfaction with alternative workplace strategies. Facilities, 30 (3/4), 135-151.

CHARLISH, Peter (2012). Drugs in sport. Legal Information Management, 12 (2), 109-120.

CHECKLEY, Rebecca, REIDY, Lisa, CHANTLER, Susan, HODGE, Nick and HOLMES, Katie (2012). “Black white zebra orange orange”: How children with autism make use of computer-based voice output communication aids in their language and communication at school. Journal of Assistive Technologies, 6 (4), 245-258.

CHOWN, Nick (2012). A treatise on language methods and language-games in autism. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

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COLDRON, John (2012). Access, justice and education: : two characterisations of injustice in relation to schooling. In: Fourth Workshop “Matching in Practice”, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, 15 November 2012.

COOK, Sarah, HILL, Cathy, MUNDY, Timothy, KILLASPY, Helen, HOLLOWAY, Frank, CRAIG, Tom, TAYLOR, Deborah and FREEMAN, Lara (2012). GetREAL Intervention Manual. A staff training intervention for inpatient mental health rehabilitation units aimed at increasing patients’ engagement in activities. Manual. Sheffield, Faculty of Health & Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University and UCL Mental Health Sciences Unit, University College London.

COOPER, Carol and CARVER, Neil (2012). Problem based learning in mental health nursing : the students experience. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing., 21 (2), 175-183.

COPELAND, Robert, CRANK, Helen, LYONS, Nicholas Matthew and GIBSON, Debra (2012). Be active: a community based approach to promoting physical activity in overweight individuals. Project Report. SHU.

CORKER, Chris (2012). Conferences are like swans. Student Engagement and Experience Journal, 1 (1), 1-2.

CRAIG, Gary, O'NEILL, Maggie, COLE, Bankole, ANTONOPOULOS, Georgios, DEVANNEY, Carol and ADAMSON, Sue (2012). Race, crime and justice in the North East region. Technical Report. Durham, Durham University.

CRONE, Michael (2012). New venture internationalisation and the cluster life cycle : interdisciplinary insights on Ireland’s indigenous software industry. In: Academy of International Business (UK & Ireland Chapter) 39th Annual Conference, University of Liverpool, 29-31 March 2012. (Unpublished)

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CROWTHER, Paul and HILL, Richard (2012). Dissertation by portfolio : an alternative to the traditional thesis. Student Engagement and Experience Journal, 1 (2).

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DASUKI, Salihu, ABBOTT, Pamela and KASHEFI, Armin (2012). The Impact of ICT Investments on Development Using the Capability Approach: The case of the Nigerian Pre-paid Electricity Billing System. The African Journal of Information Systems, 4 (1).

DAY, David and FLORES, Denys (2012). CONDOR: A Hybrid IDS to Offer Improved Intrusion Detection. In: 2012 IEEE 11th International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications (TrustCom 2012). Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ( IEEE ), 931-936.

DEAN, Jonathan (2012). 'It's just part of what they do': Habitus, social class and youth volunteering policy. In: University of Kent Sociology Seminar Series. (Unpublished)

DEARDEN, Andy (2012). See no evil? ethics in an interventionist ICTD. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development. IEEE / Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Incorporated., 46-55.

DELLER, Ruth (2012). Faith in View: Religion and Spirituality in Factual British Television 2000-2009. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

DELVES, Peter, MANNING, Warren and SHENFIELD, Alex (2012). A torque vectoring approach to post incident control. In: AVEC 2012 : 11th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control, Seoul, Korea, 9-12 September 2012.

DEMISSIE, Fufy (2012). Investigating students’ perspectives of learning and participating in seminars using a Bourdieuian perspective. Student Engagement and Experience Journal, 1 (1), 1-9.

DOBSON, Stephen, BARTON, Rachel, SUCKLEY, Louise and RODRIGUEZ, Liliana (2012). The socio‐spatial nature of organisational creativity: experiences along the road toward transdisciplinarity. In: Understanding Interdisciplinarity: Theory and Practice - An International Conference, Sheffield, 12th - 14th June 2012. (Unpublished)

DOBSON, Stephen, BRESLIN, Dermot, SUCKLEY, Louise, BARTON, Rachel and RODRIGUEZ, Liliana (2012). Evolving innovation through office knowledge networks : mapping the ephemeral architecture of organizational creativity. In: 12th EURAM 2012 : Social Innovation for Competitiveness, Organisational Performance and Human Excellence, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 6th - 8th June 2012. (Unpublished)

DRISCOLL, Heather Frances (2012). Understanding shoe-surface interactions in football. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

DUJARDIN, Florence (2012). Educators’ digital literacies: the role of pedagogical design in innovation. In: LINQ 2012 - European conference on Learning Innovations and Quality, Brussels, Belgium.

EDWARDS, Julie (2012). Doctors' perspective on obstetric ultrasound: concept, knowledge and practice. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

EDWARDS, Martyn (2012). Literacy practices: using the literacies for learning in further education framework to analyse literacy practices on a post-compulsory education and training teacher education programme. Student Engagement and Experience Journal, 1 (1), 1-10.

EGAN, David and COCKILL, Jenny (2012). Enhancing Student learning and development in cooperation with our alumni. Student Engagement and Experience Journal, 1 (1), 1-12.

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FIDMENT, Susan (2012). The Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE): A qualitative study exploring the healthcare student’s experience. Student Engagement and Experience Journal, 1 (1), 1-18.

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FORMBY, Eleanor (2012). Connected lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities? A scoping study to explore understandings and experiences of ‘community’ among LGBT people. Discussion Paper. Swindon, Arts and Humanities Research Council.

FORMBY, Eleanor (2012). Solidarity but not similarity? LGBT communities in the twenty-first century. Project Report. Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University.

FORMBY, Eleanor and WOLSTENHOLME, Claire (2012). If there’s going to be a subject that you don’t have to do …’ Findings from a mapping study of PSHE education in English secondary schools. Pastoral care in education: an international journal of personal, social and emotional development, 30 (1), 5-18.

FURNESS, Penny, ARMITAGE, Helen and PITT, Richard (2012). Establishing and facilitating practice-based interprofessional learning: experiences from the TUILIP project. Nursing Reports.

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GENT, Susannah (2012). Leaving Mojave. [Video] (Unpublished)

GENT, Susannah (2012). Pregnant Pussy mash up. [Video] (Unpublished)

GENT, Susannah, BURTON, Maria and HELLER, Ben (2012). Physiofun - Engineering for Life. [Image] (Unpublished)

GERRISH, Kate, NAISBY, Andrew and ISMAIL, Mubarak (2012). The meaning and consequences of tuberculosis among Somali people in the United Kingdom. Journal of advanced nursing, 68 (12), 2654-2663.

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HALL, Anna, FAIRCLOUGH, Andrew, MAHADEVAN, Kritika and PAXMAN, Jenny (2012). Ascophyllum nodosum enriched bread reduces subsequent energy intake with no effect on post-prandial glucose and cholesterol in healthy, overweight males. A pilot study. Appetite, 58 (1), 379-386.

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HALL, Sheldon (2012). Channel Four and the rediscovery of old movies on television. In: Channel Four and UK Film Culture, BFI Southbank, 1-2 November 2012.

HANSON, Maria (2012). What's in my stuff? - jewellery and objects. [Show/Exhibition]

HARDEN, Charlotte, RICHARDSON, J Craig, DETTMAR, Peter W, CORFE, Bernard M and PAXMAN, Jenny (2012). An ionic-gelling alginate drink attenuates postprandial glycaemia in males. Journal of functional foods, 4 (1), 122-128.

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HAYNES, Paul, ALBOUL, Lyuba and PENDERS, Jacques (2012). Dynamic graph-based search in unknown environments. Journal of Discrete Algorithms, 12, 2-13.

HEATH, Virginia (2012). Glasgow Kiss -360 Narratives Project. [Video]

HEATH, Virginia (2012). 'Takeaway' Poetic Documentary Film. [Video]

HIRST, Julia (2012). It's got to be about enjoying yourself: young people, sexual pleasure,and sex and relationships education. Sex Education: sexuality, society and learning, 13 (4), 423-436.

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IBRAHIM, Salim Mustafa (2012). A belief analysis of the build-up to the 2003 Iraq War. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

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JULIE, Westerman, JASPAR, Joseph-Lester and SUSANNE, Prinz (2012). Tegel : Flights of Fancy. [Show/Exhibition]

KEEFE, Terry, BIKFALVI, Andrea, BEER, Martin and DE LA ROSA, PepLluis (2012). ISAC6+ Delivering Smarter Administration through innovation - a Benefits Realisation approach to ensuring success. In: GASCO, Mila, (ed.) Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on eGovernment. Reading, Academic Publishing Limited, 378-386.

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KIRBY, John (2012). Some reflections on knowledge representation in the semantic web. In: PPIG (Psychology of Programming Interest Group) 2012 - 24th Annual Workshop, London Metropolitan University, London, 21-23 Novevmber 2012.

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). 'Anthology', a project conceived by Lucy Reynolds in 'Film in Space: an exhibition of film and expanded cinema'. [Show/Exhibition]

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). 'GHOST IV: Presence and Absence'. [Show/Exhibition]

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). Homenagem à Shelagh Wakely. [Show/Exhibition]

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). Hostings 6. Absence – Haunted Landscapes. In: Hostings 6. Absence – Haunted Landscapes, Senate House, University of London, 29th February 2012.

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). Jaunes. [Show/Exhibition]

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). Les Devis manquantes, artist's book. [Artefact]

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). Lessons in History volume II - Democracy An exhibition of artists' books and multiples on the theme above. [Show/Exhibition]

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). 'Liberty is not a choice between objects', a paper and presentation of works at the conference 'Marx and the Aesthetic' at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, 10 to 13 may, 2012. In: Marx and the Aesthetic, Amsterdam, 10-13 May 2013. (Unpublished)

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). Ma Nana (encore), autres filles, et quelques petits explosions A solo exhibition at Galerie des Petits Carreaux 17 November 2012 to 5 Januray 2013. [Show/Exhibition]

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). Ma Nana (from One-fold book exhibition). [Show/Exhibition]

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). Ma pétroleuse. Noms propres. A limited edition multiple,produced as part of Kivland's exhibition at Passerelle, Brest, 2012. [Artefact]

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). Mes mouches. [Artefact]

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). Sense of Place in Artist Books. [Show/Exhibition]

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). Surfaces : works on paper. [Show/Exhibition]

KIVLAND, Sharon (2012). Un vent de révolution Centre d'art Passerelle Brest Curated by Ulrike Kremeier. An exhibition that includes lovely dresses, delightful bonnets, literate animals, and some moments of surprising violence. [Show/Exhibition]

LAHLAFI, Alison and BULLINGHAM, Liam (2012). "Library shock" - the expectations and realities of library and information literacy skills for international students. Student Engagement and Experience Journal, 1 (3), 1-15.

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