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ARQUERO-MONTANO, Jose, DONOSO-ANES, Jose Antonio, HASSALL, Trevor and JOYCE, John (2003). Contabilidad y Aprension Comunicativa : Estudio Comparativo de los Niveles y Perfiles de AC en los Estudiantes Universitarios. Revista de Contabilidad, 6 (12), 21-46.

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ATKINSON, Paul (2003). Future factories : design work by Lionel Theodore Dean. Huddersfield, University of Huddersfield.

ATKINSON, Paul (2003). FutureFactories: Design Work by Lionel Theodore Dean. [Show/Exhibition]

ATKINSON, Paul, DEAN, Lionel, T. and UNVER, Ertu (2003). ‘Future factories’: teaching Techné. In: Techné: Design Wisdom: The 5th European Academy of Design Conference, Universitat te Barcelona, April 2003. (Unpublished)

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