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BEARD, Colin (2008). Enhancing the student experience. In: 1st Annual Higher Education Academy HE in FE Conference : Playing with Learning 1 : Unlocking the Learning Experience, University of Warwick, 5 June 2008. (Unpublished)

BEARD, Colin (1996). Environmental awareness training : three ideas for greening the company culture. Eco-management and auditing, 3 (3), 139-146.

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BEARD, Colin (2011). Experiential learning: the importance of place and space. In: Supporting Student Learning Conference 2011 : 10th Annual Learning and Teaching Conference, Cotswold Suite, University of Worcester, 16th June 2011. (Unpublished)

BEARD, Colin (2009). Infinity and beyond : new adventures in learning. In: 14th Annual SEDA (Staff and Educational Development Association) Conference 2009 : Changing Educational Development: New Ideas, New Approaches, New Contexts, Aston Business School Conference Centre, Birmingham, 17-18 November 2009. (Unpublished)

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BEARD, Colin (2008). Tranforming the student learning experience : interdisciplinarity and interconnectedness. In: Higher Education Academy Annual Conference 2008 : Transforming the student experience, Harrogate International Centre, Harrogate, 1-3 July 2008. (Unpublished)

BEARD, Colin (2009). Transforming the student learning experience : the development of a pedagogic framework for everyday practice. In: BUSWELL, John and BECKET, Nina, (eds.) Enhancing student-centred learning in business and management, hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism. The Enhancing Series . Oxford, Threshold Press.

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BEARD, Colin (2008). The research experience : forging new identities for experiential learning. In: 11th International Conference on Experiential Learning : The Identity of Experience : Challenges for experiential learning, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, 8-12 December 2008. (Unpublished)

BEARD, Colin (2010). The role of the mind, body and field in learning. In: The First Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in Higher Education Symposium, University of Bournemouth, 18th September 2010. (Unpublished)

BEARD, Colin, CLEGG, Sue and SMITH, Karen (2007). Acknowledging the affective in higher education. British Educational Research Journal, 33 (2), 235-252.

BEARD, Colin and GOODE, Mark (2014). Contributing to a more sustainable world? Business Product Innovation and the Development of an Industrial Ecology. In: ATFIELD, Richard and KEMP, Patsy, (eds.) Enhancing Education for Sustainable Development in Business and Management, Hospitality, Leisure, Marketing, Tourism. Higher Education Academy, 3-13.

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HICKMAN, M, BEARD, Colin, FITZGERALD, L and INKSTER, A (2016). Act your age: the older adult body as a site for exploring and affirming identity – a small case study of Montana based climbers. Quality in Ageing and Older Adults. (In Press)

HICKMAN, Mark, BEARD, Colin and INKSTER, Alison (2015). Paradise regained: older adult rock climbers turning space into place in the natural environment. Envigogika, 10 (3).

HICKMAN, Mark, BEARD, Colin and INKSTER, Allison (2015). Ageing and the outdoors: denying inevitability or perceiving an opportunity – which is the Outdoor Sector’s approach? Horizons Magazine, 70, 24-25.

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HICKMAN, Mark, STOKES, Peter, GAMMON, Sean, BEARD, Colin and INKSTER, Allison (2016). Moments like diamonds in space: savoring the ageing process through positive engagement with adventure sports. Annals of Leisure Research, 1-19. (In Press)

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