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DAVIES, Peter John (1993). The rheological and honing characteristics of polyborosiloxane/grit mixtures. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

ELLIOT, Charles (1993). The application of pragmatics in Human-Computer interaction. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

JACKSON, Rhona (1993). Situation comedy and the female audience : a study of the mistress. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

STAPLEY, Lionel Frederick (1993). The personality of the organisation : a psycho-dynamic explanation of culture and change. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

TRENGOVE, Sean Alexander (1993). Extrusion honing using mixtures of polyborosiloxanes and grit. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.


ALLMARK, P. J. (1993). Euthanasia, dying well and the slippery slope. Journal of advanced nursing, 18 (8), 1178-1182.

BARRON, C. and SPELLS, S. J. (1993). Reversed hexagonal phase-structure in lithium phenylstearate. Journal of Physical Chemistry, 97 (25), 6737-6744.

BELTRAM, Fabio, PEREIRA, Mauro, KOCH, Stephan W., CHOW, Weng W. and GORNIK, Erich (1993). Many body theory of strained-quantum-well laser media. In: BELTRAM, Fabio and GORNIK, Erich, (eds.) Physical Concepts and Materials for Novel Optoelectronic Device Applications II. SPIE proceedings (1985). SPIE, 677-687.

BOOTH, R. J. C., HUA, L., TUCKER, J. W., CARE, C. M. and HALLIDAY, I. (1993). Monte-Carlo study of the BEG model on a honeycomb lattice. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 128 (1-2), 117-123.

CHILDS, Charmaine (1993). Metabolic rate at rest and during sleep in a thermoneutral environment. Archives of disease in childhood, 68 (5), 658-661.

CORRALL, DR, CLARK, Tony and HILL, AG (1993). Visual surveillance of moving vehicles. In: 26th International Symposium on Automotive Technology & Automation (26th). Dedicated conference on advanced transport telematics/intelligent vehicle highway systems, Aachen, Germany, 1993.

CORRALL, David R, CLARK, Tony and HILL, A Graham (1993). Airside ground movements surveillance. In: BENOIT, Andre, (ed.) AGARD-CP-538 : Machine Intelligence in Air Traffic Management. NATO Science and Technology Organization.

CRANTON, W. M., SPINK, D. M., STEVENS, R. and THOMAS, C. B. (1993). Growth and dielectric characterization of yttrium oxide thin films deposited on Si by r.f.-magnetron sputtering. Thin Solid Films, 226 (1), 156-160.

ELSWORTH, Y., HOWE, R., ISAAK, G. R., MCLEOD, C. P., MILLER, B. A., NEW, R., SPEAKE, C. C. and WHEELER, S. J. (1993). The variation in the strength of low-l solar p-modes - 1981-92. Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 265 (4), 888-898.

GRANAT, M., HELLER, B., NICOL, D., BAXENDALE, R. and ANDREWS, B. (1993). Improving limb flexion in FES gait using the flexion withdrawal response for the spinal cord injured person. Journal of biomedical engineering, 15 (1), 51-56.

HAAKE, S. J. and PATTERSON, E. A. (1993). The dispersion of birefringence in photoelastic materials. Strain, 29 (1), 3-7.

HAAKE, S. J., WANG, Z. F. and PATTERSON, E. A. (1993). Evaluation of full field automated photoelastic analysis based on phase stepping. Experimental techniques, 17 (6), 19-25.

HELLER, B., VELTINK, P. H., RIJKHOFF, N. J. M., RUTTEN, W. L. C. and ANDREWS, B. J. (1993). Reconstructing muscle activation during normal walking: a comparison of symbolic and connectionist machine learning techniques. Biological cybernetics, 69 (4), 327-355.

JACKSON, P, WALL, T D, MARTIN, R and DAVIDS, K (1993). New measures of job control, cognitive demand, and production responsibility. Journal of Applied Psychology, 78 (5), 753-762.

MANGAT, P. S. and MANARAKIS, G. S. (1993). Slipforming with fiber-reinforced concrete for efficient crack control. Materials and structures, 26 (161), 433-440.

MYERS, C and DAVIDS, K (1993). Tacit skill and performance at work. Applied Psychology, 42 (2), 117-137.

PEREIRA, Mauro, KOCH, S. W. and CHOW, W. W. (1993). Effects of strain and Coulomb interaction on gain and refractive index in quantum-well lasers. Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 10 (5), p. 765.

RUST, Chris, CHAPMAN, Gillian, SLATER, Peter, HARDAKER, Jack and JOHNSON, Billy (1993). The Management of information technology in professional practice of 3D design. Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University.


THOMAS, C. B. and CRANTON, Wayne (1993). High efficiency ZnS:Mn ac thin film electroluminescent device structure. Applied Physics Letters, 63 (23), 3119-3121.

WALKE, P. J., NEW, R. and CARE, C. M. (1993). Behavior of a steered cathodic arc as a function of steering magnetic-field. Surface and Coatings Technology, 59 (1-3), 126-128.

WILLIAMS, A M, DAVIDS, K, BURWITZ, L and WILLIAMS, J G (1993). Visual search and sports performance. Australian Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 25 (2), 55-65.

WILLIAMS, Mark, DAVIDS, Keith, BURWITZ, Les and WILLIAMS, John (1993). Cognitive knowledge structures and soccer performance. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 76 (2), 579-593.

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