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CLARK, Tony, GREATOREX, GL and HILL, AG (1994). Towards an Expert System for the Analysis of Computer Aided Human Performance. In: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Human Computer Teamwork, Cambridge, September 1994. DTIC, p. 125.

FRASCINA, Anthony Cosimo (1994). The integration of hospital information systems through user centred design. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

GOMEZ, Juan Carlos (1994). H. B. C. fuse models based on fundamental arc mechanisms. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

GOODMAN, Linda Margaret (1994). Embedding information technology into the further education vocational education and training curriculum. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

LONSDALE, K.G. (1994). Monitoring of storm sewer overflows. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

SHAFAGHI, Mohammad (1994). Computer aided tool management system : an implementation model. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

TRAN, Vinh Cong (1994). Imperfect upheaval subsea pipeline buckling. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

WOODWARD, Kathryn (1994). Discourses of motherhood in women's magazines in contemporary Britain. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.


ALLMARK, P. J. (1994). An argument against the use of the concept of 'persons' in health care ethics. Journal of advanced nursing, 19 (1), 29-35.

ANDREWS, B., GRANAT, M., HELLER, B., MACMAHON, J., KEATING, L. and REAL, S. (1994). Improved harness crutch to reduce upper limb effort in swing-through gait. Medical engineering & physics, 16 (1), 15-18.

BEARD, Colin (1994). The UK's largest recreation facility is under negotiation - or is it? Town and country planning, 63 (4), 118-121.

BREEN, C. (1994). Thermogravimetric, infrared and mass spectroscopic analysis of the desorption of tetrahydropyran, tetrahydrofuran and 1,4-dioxan from montmorillonite. Clay Minerals, 29 (1), 115-121.

BREEN, C. and LOUGHLIN, H. (1994). The competitive adsorption of methylene-blue on to Na-montmorillonite from binary-solution with N-alkylytrimethylammonium surfactants. Clay Minerals, 29 (5), 775-783.

BREEN, C. and ROCK, B. (1994). The competitive adsorption of methylene-blue on to montmorillonite from binary-solution with thioflavin-t, proflavine and acridine yellow - steady-state and dynamic studies. Clay Minerals, 29 (2), 179-189.

CARAZO-ALVAREZ, J., HAAKE, S. J. and PATTERSON, E. A. (1994). Completely automated photoelastic fringe analysis. Optics and lasers in engineering, 21 (3), 133-149.

CHAMBERLAIN, Paul (1994). Rib Chair. [Show/Exhibition]

CHILDS, Charmaine (1994). Studies in children provide a model to re-examine the metabolic response to burn injury in patients treated by contemporary burn protocols. Burns, 20 (4), 291-300.

CHILDS, Charmaine, EDWARDS-JONES, V, HEATHCOTE, D M, DAWSON, M and DAVENPORT, P J (1994). Patterns of Staphylococcus aureus colonization, toxin production, immunity and illness in burned children. Burns, 20 (6), 514-521.

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CLARK, Tony (1994). A layered object-oriented programming language. GEC Journal of Research, 11, p. 173.

DAVIDS, Keith and BENNETT, SJ (1994). How specific is the specificity of learning hypothesis? In: AUDIFFREN, M, (ed.) Psychologie des pratiques physiques et sportives : actes du Congrès international de la Société française de psychologie du sport, 1 au 3 septembre 1994, Poitiers, France. Presses de l'UFR-APS de l'Université de Poitiers.

DAVIDS, Keith, HANDFORD, Craig and WILLIAMS, Mark (1994). The natural physical alternative to cognitive theories of motor behaviour: An invitation for interdisciplinary research in sports science? Journal of Sports Sciences, 12 (6), 495-528.

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DHARMADASA, I, BLOMFIELD, C. J., GREGORY, G. E., CAVENETT, B. C., PRIOR, K. A. and SIMPSON, J. (1994). Microscopic and macroscopic investigation of electrical contacts to n-ZnSe. Surface and Interface Analysis, 21 (10), 718-723.

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DIAPER, Dan and BEER, Martin (1994). Collaborative document annotation using electronic mail. Computer Supported Cooperative Work, 3 (3-4), 297-325.

ELSWORTH, Y., HOWE, R., ISAAK, G. R., MCLEOD, C. P., MILLER, B. A., NEW, R., SPEAKE, C. C. and WHEELER, S. J. (1994). Solar p-mode frequencies and their dependence on solar-activity - recent results from the BISON network. Astrophysical Journal, 434 (2), 801-806.

HAAKE, S. J. (1994). Golf ball impacts, greens and the golfer. In: COCHRAN, A. J. and FARRALLY, M., (eds.) Science and golf II: proceedings of the 1994 World scientific congress of golf. Taylor & Francis, 65-70.

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KIVLAND, Sharon and GIFFON, Anne (1994). Le Double: Actes Du Colloque "Le Double, Femmes Et Creation". France, Centre d'arts plastiques de Saint-Fons.

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MANGAT, P. S. and MOLLOY, B. T. (1994). Prediction of long-term chloride concentration in concrete. Materials and structures, 27 (170), 338-346.


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WADDINGTON, Dave, DICKS, B. and CRITCHER, C. (1994). Community responses to pit closure in the post-strike era. Community development journal, 29 (2), 141-150.

WALKE, P. J., NEW, R. and CARE, C. M. (1994). The distribution of transit times in a magnetically steered cathodic arc. Surface and Coatings Technology, 68, 352-358.

WATSON, Andrew (1994). Divorce in Japan: any lessons for England and Wales. Litigation, 13 (8), 337-342.

WATSON, Andrew (1994). Legal Education in England and Wales. Hosei Riron, Spring.

WATSON, Andrew and CRYAN, Donald (1994). The Fortunate Few. Counsel.The Journal of the Bar of England and Wales., p. 22.

WILLIAMS, A M, DAVIDS, K, BURWITZ, L and WILLIAMS, J G (1994). Visual search strategies in experienced and inexperienced soccer players. Research quarterly for exercise and sport, 65 (2), 127-135.

WILLIAMS, A.M. and DAVIDS, Keith (1994). Visual search strategy and anticipation in sport. Coaching Focus, 26, 6-9.

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