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ALLMARK, P. J. (1996). Reply to Ann Bradshaw. Journal of medical ethics, 22 (1), 13-15.


BEARD, Colin (1996). Environmental awareness training : three ideas for greening the company culture. Eco-management and auditing, 3 (3), 139-146.

BENNETT, S. and DAVIDS, K. (1996). Manipulating the informational constraints in one-handed catching: How generalisable is the specificity of learning hypothesis? The British Psychological Society Sport & Exercise Psychology Section Newsletter, 5, 21-25.

BILLINGHAM, J., BREEN, C. and YARWOOD, J. (1996). In situ determination of Bronsted/Lewis acidity on cation-exchanged clay mineral surfaces by ATR-IR. Clay Minerals, 31 (4), 513-522.

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BREEN, C., RAWSON, J. O. and MANN, B. E. (1996). Adsorption of polycations on clays: An in situ study using Cs-133 solution-phase NMR. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 6 (2), 253-260.


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CLARK, Tony (1996). Formal basis for the refinement of rule based transition systems. Journal of Functional Programming, 6 (2), 329-354.

CLEAVER, D. J., CARE, C. M., ALLEN, M. P. and NEAL, M. P. (1996). Extension and generalization of the Gay-Berne potential. Physical Review E (PRE), 54 (1), 559-567.

COLLINS, Tony (1996). Class, commercialism and community in the originsand development of northern Rugby Football Union, 1857-1910. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

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EDWARDS-JONES, V, CHILDS, Charmaine and FOSTER, H A (1996). A comparison of phenotypic properties of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from burned children and other patient groups. Burns, 22 (5), 384-9.


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HAAKE, S. J. (1996). Low birefringence measurement in polymers. In: Proceedings of the VIII international congress on experimental mechanics. Society for experimental mechanics, 3-4.

HAAKE, S. J. (1996). Oblique impact of a rotating elastic solid on a deformable surface. In: Proceedings of the VIII international congress on experimental mechanics. Society for experimental mechanics, 376-377.

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HASSALL, Trevor, DUNLOP, Alex and LEWIS, Sarah (1996). Internal audit education: exploring professional competence. Managerial Auditing Journal, 11 (5), 28-36.

HASSALL, Trevor, SMITH, Kenneth and LEWIS, Sarah (1996). The financial director’s dilemma - the case of Pneuprod plc. Accounting education, 5 (3), 245-256.

HASSAN, A. K., GOULD, R. D. and RAY, A. K. (1996). Van der Pauw resistivity measurements on thermally evaporated copper phthalocyanine thin films. physica status solidi b, 158 (2), K23-K25.

HELLER, B. W., GRANAT, M. H. and ANDREWS, B. J. (1996). Swing-through gait with free-knees produced by surface functional electrical stimulation. Paraplegia, 34 (1), 8-15.

HOPKINS, Lisa (1996). Art and nature in Women Beware Women. Renaissance forum, 1 (2).


JENKINS, Clare (1996). A Passion for Priests: women's relationships with Roman Catholic priests. London, Hodder Headline.


LI, Cheng (1996). Effect of heat treatment on the microstructure of a 2CrMoNiWV rotor steel. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

LISHCHUK, Sergey and MALOMUZH, N. P. (1996). The spectra of molecular light scattering in high-viscosity glycerol-like liquids. Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry, 70 (3), 369-375.


MANGAT, Pal and O'FLAHERTY, Fin (1996). Long term performance of sprayed concrete repair in highway structures. In: AUSTIN, S. A., (ed.) Sprayed concrete technology : the proceedings of the ACI/SCA International Conference on Sprayed Concrete/Shotcrete, "Sprayed concrete technology for the 21st century" held at Edinburgh University. Edinburgh University, E & FN Spon.

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NORTCLIFFE, Anne and LOVE, Jonathan (1996). In-line approach to pH control of chemical effluent. Measurement and Control, 29 (7), 198-200.


OMAR, O., RAY, A. K., HASSAN, A. K., GHASSEMLOOY, Z. and COOK, M. J. (1996). Optical characterisation of amphiphilic, metal-free, non-peripheral phthalocyanine in Langmuir-Blodgett. In: MOHLMANN, G. R., (ed.) Nonlinear Optical Properties of Organic Materials Ix. Proceedings of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (Spie), 2852 . SPIE, 81-88.

OUDEJANS, RRRD, MICHAELS, CF, BAKKER, FC and DAVIDS, K (1996). Catching in the dark. The British Psychological Society Sport & Exercise Psychology Section Newsletter, 25, 531-542.


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PEREIRA, Mauro and HENNEBERGER, K. (1996). Green’s functions theory for semiconductor-quantum-well laser spectra. Physical Review B, 53 (24), 16485-16496.

PFEFFER, Karen, COLE, Bankole and DADA, Kayode (1996). British and Nigerian adolescents' lay theories of youth crime. Psychology, Crime and Law, 3 (1), 21-35.

PRICE, Ilfryn and SHAW, Ray (1996). The Learning Organisation Meme: Emergence of a Management Replicator (or Parrots, Patterns and Performance). In: 3rd International conference of the European Consortium for the Learning Organization, Copenhagen, May 1996.


RAHMAT, Mohd Fua'ad (1996). Instrumentation of partical conveying using electrical charge tomography. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.


SCOTT, Mark A., LI, Francoi-Xavier and DAVIDS, K (1996). The shape of things to come: effects of object shape and rotation on the pickup of local Tau. Ecological Psychology, 8 (4), 343-352.

SIRIPALA, W., PERERA, L. D. R. D., DESILVA, K. T. L., JAYANETTI, J. K. D. S. and DHARMADASA, I (1996). Study of annealing effects of cuprous oxide grown by electrodeposition technique. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 44 (3), 251-260.

SOIN, Kim (1996). Organisational change and the introduction of activity based costing in a UK clearing bank. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.


THORN, Mike, NORTCLIFFE, Anne, POPPLETON, Jack and SMITH, Stuart (1996). Kbs as an operational and tactical tool for operation of distillation columns. In: NTUEN, Celestine and PARK, Eui, (eds.) Human interaction with complex systems: Conceptual principles and design practice. The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science (372). Kluwer Academic Publishers (Springer), 195-210.


WANG, Y. Z., AKID, R., CLARKE, A. and ATKINSON, J. D. (1996). Further observations of early fatigue crack development. Fatigue and fracture of engineering materials and structures, 19 (5), 623-627.

WANG, Y. Z., ATKINSON, J., AKID, R. and PARKINS, R. N. (1996). Crack interaction, coalescence and mixed mode fracture mechanics. Fatigue & Fracture Of Engineering Materials And Structures, 19 (1), 51-63.

WARDLAW, R. S. and DHARMADASA, I (1996). Effects of multi-level Fermi pinning and aggregate surface area on Schottky barrier heights at metal/semiconductor interfaces. International journal of electronics, 81 (1), 59-65.

WATSON, Andrew (1996). Japan's remarkable prisons. The Criminologist, 20 (4), 195-206.

WATSON, Andrew (1996). The Royal Commission on Criminal Justice in England and Wales and the right to jury trial. Hosei Riron, Spring.

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