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BARLOW, Claire A. (1995). Stress management intervention : evaluation of effectiveness and designation of a model. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

CLARK, Anthony (1995). A lazy non-deterministic functional language. Technical Report. University of Bradford. (Unpublished)

EXLEY, James Richard (1995). Electrical and optical properties of novel phthalocyanine compouns for sensor devices. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

FOSTER, Nicola and BOTTERILL, David (1995). Hotels and the businesswoman: a supply-side analysis of consumer dissatisfaction. Tourism Management, 16 (5), 389-393.

HALES, Michael R. (1995). Civilian soldiers in Staffordshire 1793-1823. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

NWABUEZE, Uche (1995). An analysis of the feasibility of developing a generic model for the implementation of total quality management within the National Health Service. Doctoral, Sheffield Hallam University.

PRICE, Ilfryn (1995). Organisational Memetics?: Organisational Learning as a Selection Process. Management Learning, 26 (3), 299-318.


CRITCHER, Chas, SCHUBERT, Klaus and WADDINGTON, Dave, eds. (1995). Regeneration of the coalfield area : Anglo-German perspectives. London, Pinter.

ALLMARK, P. J. (1995). Can there be an ethics of care? Journal of medical ethics, 21 (1), 19-24.

ALLMARK, P. J. (1995). HIV and the boundaries of confidentiality. Journal of advanced nursing, 21 (1), 158-163.

ALLMARK, P. J. (1995). Smoking and health: is discrimination fair? Professional nurse, 10 (12), 811-813.

ALLMARK, P. J. (1995). Uncertainties in the teaching of ethics to students of nursing. Journal of advanced nursing, 22 (2), 374-378.

ALLMARK, P. J. (1995). A classical view of the theory-practice gap in nursing. Journal of advanced nursing, 22 (1), 18-23.

BENNETT, S J and DAVIDS, K (1995). The manipulation of vision during the powerlift squat: exploring the boundaries of the specificity of learning hypothesis. Research quarterly for exercise and sport, 66 (3), 210-218.

BREEN, C., BROOKS, J. S., FORDER, S. D., MAGGS, A. A., MARSHALL, G. and STEPHENSON, G. R. (1995). Organometallic cation-exchanged phyllosilicates - Fe-57 Mossbauer spectroscopic study of organoiron complexes on a low-iron montmorillonite. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 5 (1), 97-104.

BREEN, C., MADEJOVA, J. and KOMADEL, P. (1995). Characterization of moderately acid-treated, size-fractionated montmorillonites using IR and MAS NMR-spectroscopy and thermal-analysis. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 5 (3), 469-474.

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CLARK, Tony and PALMER, I.J. (1995). The generation of animated sequences from state transition systems. In: Fifth Eurographics workshop on 'Programming Paradigms in Graphics', Maastricht, The Netherlands., 2-3 September, 1995.

CLEAVER, D. J., CALLAWAY, M. J., FORESTER, T., SMITH, W. and TILDESLEY, D. J. (1995). Computer modeling of the 4-N-ALKYL-4'-cyanobiphenyls adsorbed on graphite - energy minimizations and molecular-dynamics of periodic-systems. Molecular Physics, 86 (4), 613-&.

CORATGER, R., AJUSTRON, F., BEAUVILLAIN, J., DHARMADASA, I, BLOMFIELD, C. J., PRIOR, K. A., SIMPSON, J. E. and CAVENETT, B. C. (1995). Au/n-ZnSe contacts studied with use of ballistic-electron-emission microscopy. Physical Review B (PRB), 51 (4), 2357-2362.

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DAVIDS, Keith and GILL, A (1995). Multidimensional state anxiety prior to different levels of sport competition : Some problems with simulation tasks. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 26, 359-382.

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ELSWORTH, Y., HOWE, R., ISAAK, G. R., MCLEOD, C. P., MILLER, B. A., NEW, R. and WHEELER, S. J. (1995). Techniques used in the analysis of solar oscillations from the BiSON (University of Birmingham) network. 1, Daily calibration. Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series, 113 (2), 379-386.

ELSWORTH, Y., HOWE, R., ISAAK, G. R., MCLEOD, C. P., MILLER, B. A., NEW, R., WHEELER, S. J. and GOUGH, D. O. (1995). Slow rotation of the suns interior. Nature, 376 (6542), 669-672.

HAAKE, S. J. (1995). Photo elastic analysis using a full-field spectral analyser. In: 1995 SEM VIII international congress proceedings. Society of experimental mechanics, 342-345.

HAAKE, S. J. (1995). The mechanics of golf ball impacts. In: Proceedings of the BSSM annual conference, Sheffield. British society for strain measurement, 64-66.

HAAKE, S. J. and PATTERSON, E. A. (1995). Photoelastic analysis using automated polariscopes. In: Proceedings of the international conference on mechanics of solids and materials engineering (MSME 95). unknown, 884-888.

HAAKE, S. J., WANG, Z. F. and PATTERSON, E. A. (1995). 3D separation of stresses - 40 years on. In: Proceedings of the 1995 SEM spring conference and exhibition. Society for experimental mechanics, 183-190.

HAAKE, SJ and PATTERSON, EA (1995). Analyse photoelastique spectrale appliquee a la mecanique de al rupture. In: BERTHAUD, Yves, (ed.) Photomécanique 95: Étude Du Comportement Des Matériaux Et Des Structures. Eyrolles.

HAAKE, Steve and WARD, N.C. (1995). The analysis of golf ball impacts on artificial turf using finite element methods. In: LOH, N L, (ed.) Proceedings of the International Conference on Mechanics of Solids and Materials Engineering, June 1995, Singapore. Nanyang Technological University.

HASSALL, Trevor and LEWIS, Sarah (1995). Case studies in the context of a taxonomy of skills, knowledge and qualities for professional progression. In: RICHARDSON, William, MONTANHEIRO, l. and CINNEIDE, B.O., (eds.) How to Research, Write, Teach and Publish Management Case Studies. Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University Press.

JENNEY, M E, CHILDS, Charmaine, MABIN, D, BESWICK, M V and DAVID, T J (1995). Oxygen consumption during sleep in atopic dermatitis. Archives of Disease in Childhood, 72 (2), 144-146.

KHATIB, J. M. and MANGAT, P. S. (1995). Absorption characteristics of concrete as function location relative to casting position. Cement and Concrete Research, 25 (5), 999-1010.

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LISHCHUK, Sergey and MALOMUZH, N. P. (1995). The peculiarities of molecular and stimulated impulsive light scattering in supercooled states of glycerol-like liquids. Journal of Molecular Structure, 348, 205-208.

MANGAT, P. S. (1995). Characterisation of chloride induced corrosion for service life prediction of reinforced concrete. Bulletin of electrochemistry, 11 (12), 556-564.

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MARTIN, R and DAVIDS, K (1995). The effects of group development techniques on a professional athletic team. Journal of Social Psychology, 135 (4), 533-535.

NORLUND CHRISTENSEN, A, HAZELL, R. G., BELL, Anthony M. T. and ALTOMARE, A. (1995). Precision of crystal structure derived from a synchrotron x-ray powder pattern. The structure of barium oxalate hydrate, BaC204*2H20. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 56 (10), 1359-1362.

PEREIRA, Mauro (1995). Analytical solutions for the optical absorption of semiconductor superlattices. Physical Review B, 52 (3), 1978-1983.

PEREIRA, Mauro (1995). Coulomb effects in lattice-matched, strained and strain-relieved low dimensional semiconductors and their relevance for device simulation. In: OSINSKI, Marek. and CHOW, Weng W., (eds.) SPIE Proceeding. Bellingham, Washington, SPIE 1995, 660-671.

RUST, Chris (1995). When do Workstations Dream of Virtual Sheep? Co-Design Journal (4), 74-76.

SHIBLI, Simon and ROBBINS, Dawn (1995). Leisure manager's guide to budgeting and budgetary control. London, Longman.

SONNTAG, P., CARE, C. M., SPELLS, S. J. and HALLIDAY, I. (1995). Neutron-scattering from solution-grown polymer crystals - a statistical model. Journal of the Chemical Society - Faraday Transactions, 91 (16), 2593-2599.

WATSON, Andrew (1995). Compensation for victims of road traffic accidents in Japan: any relevance for Britain ? Road Law and Road Law Reports.

WATSON, Andrew (1995). Should the jury return to Japan ? The Criminologist, 19 (3), 143-155.

WATSON, Andrew (1995). Training to be a lawyer in Japan. The Law Teacher, 29 (1), 64-70.

WATSON, Andrew (1995). The dark cloud over Japanese criminal justice : abuse of suspects and forced confessions. Justice of the Peace, 159 (31), 516-9.

WATSON, Andrew (1995). The death penalty in Japan and the abolition debate. Volume LXIX Number III. The Police Journal, LXIX (iii), 227-238.

WILLIAMS, A M and DAVIDS, K (1995). Declarative knowledge in sport: a by-product of experience or a characteristic of expertise? Journal of sport and exercise psychology, 17 (3), 259-275.

WRIGHT, I P, GRIFFITHS, M and CHILDS, Charmaine (1995). A microprocessor based photoplethysmograph for use in clinical practice. Anaesthesia, 50 (10), 875-878.

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