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BALBAYEV, Gani, CECCARELLI, Marco and CARBONE, Giuseppe (2014). Design and numerical characterization of a new planetary transmission. International journal of innovative technology and research, 2 (1), 735-739.

BOKRANTZ, Jon, SKOOGH, Anders, LA¨MKULL, Dan, HANNA, Atieh and PERERA, Terrence (2017). Data quality problems in discrete event simulation of manufacturing operations. Simulation: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International 1–17. (In Press)

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CECCARELLI, Marco, BLANCO-MORENO, Francisco, CARBONE, Giuseppe, ROIG, Pilar, CIGOLA, Michela and REGIDOR, Jose Luis (2015). A Robotic Solution for the Restoration of Fresco Paintings. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 12 (160), p. 1.

CECCARELLI, Marco, CAFOLLA, Daniele, WANG, Mingfeng and CARBONE, Giuseppe (2016). An overview of the ongoing humanoid robot project LARMbot. In: ALBOUL, Lyuba, DAMIAN, Dana and AITKEN, Jonathan M., (eds.) Towards autonomous robotic systems, 17th Annual Conference, TAROS 2016, Sheffield, UK, June 26--July 1, 2016, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (9716). Springer International Publishing, 53-64.

CECCARELLI, Marco, LI, Hui, CARBONE, Giuseppe and HUANG, Qiang (2015). Conceptual Kinematic Design and Performance Evaluation of a Chameleon-like Service Robot for Space Stations. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 12 (17), p. 1.

COPILUSI, Cristian, CECCARELLI, Marco and CARBONE, Giuseppe (2015). Design and numerical characterization of a new leg exoskeleton for motion assistance. Robotica, 33 (05), 1147-1162.

CORDERO, Cristina Alén, CARBONE, Giuseppe, CECCARELLI, Marco, ECHÁVARRI, Javier and MUÑOZ, José Luis (2014). Experimental tests in human–robot collision evaluation and characterization of a new safety index for robot operation. Mechanism and Machine Theory, 80, 184-199.


DE PASQUALE, Concetta, CONTI, Daniela, PISTORIO, Maria Luisa, FATUZZO, Pasquale, VEROUX, Massimiliano and DI NUOVO, Santo (2017). Comparison of the CBA-H and SF-36 for the screening of the psychological and behavioural variables in chronic dialysis patients. PLOS ONE, 12 (6), e0180077.

DI NUOVO, Alessandro, BROZ, Frank, CAVALLO, Filippo and DARIO, Paolo (2016). New Frontiers of Service Robotics for Active and Healthy Ageing - Editorial. International Journal of Social Robotics, 8 (3), 353-354.


GONÇALVES, Rogério Sales, CARBONE, Giuseppe, CARVALHO, João Carlos Mendes and CECCARELLI, Marco (2016). A comparison of stiffness analysis methods for robotic systems. International journal of mechanics and control, 17 (2), 35-58.

GÓMEZ, M. J., CASTEJÓN, C., GARCÍA-PRADA, J. C., CARBONE, Giuseppe and CECCARELLI, M. (2016). Analysis and Comparison of Motion Capture Systems for Human Walking. Experimental Techniques, 40 (2), 875-883.


KHALIL, Jean, SAAD, Sameh and GINDY, Nabil (2009). An integrated cost optimisation maintenance model for industrial equipment. Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering, 15 (1), 106-118.


LI, Ming, WU, Huapeng, WANG, Yongbo, HANDROOS, Heikki and CARBONE, Giuseppe (2016). Modified Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm for BP Neural Network Training in Dynamic Model Identification of Mechanical Systems. Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control. (In Press)


MOUNTNEY, Sara and RAWLINSON, Paul (2016). From 'guys writing software' to PSS: the progression of an SME. In: Proceedings of the Spring Servitization Conference 2016. Aston Business School, p. 199. (In Press)


NORTCLIFFE, Anne and LOVE, Jonathan (2004). Varying time delay Smith predictor process controller. ISA transactions, 43 (1), 61-71.


PEREZ-DIAZ, Jose, DIEZ-JIMENEZ, Efren, VALIENTE-BLANCO, Ignacio, CRISTACHE, Cristian, ALVAREZ-VALENZUELA, Marco-Antonio, SANCHEZ-GARCIA-CASARRUBIOS, Juan, FERDEGHINI, Carlo, CANEPA, Fabio, HORNIG, Wolfgang, CARBONE, Giuseppe, PLECHACEK, Jan, AMORIM, António, FREDERICO, Tiago, GORDO, Paulo, ABREU, Jorge, SANZ, Violeta, RUIZ-NAVAS, Elisa-Maria and MARTINEZ-ROJAS, Juan-Antonio (2015). Performance of Magnetic-Superconductor Non-Contact Harmonic Drive for Cryogenic Space Applications. Machines, 3 (3), 138-156.


RUSSO, Matteo, CECCARELLI, Marco, CORVES, Burkhard, HÜSING, Mathias, LORENZ, Michael, CAFOLLA, Daniele and CARBONE, Giuseppe (2017). Design and test of a gripper prototype for horticulture products. Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 44, 266-275.


SAAD, Sameh (2012). Supplier selection criteria in fractal supply network. In: International Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems, Rhodes Island, Greece, 24-26 September 2012. (Submitted)

SAAD, Sameh and ARIRIGUZO, Julian (2011). Genetic algorithm approach to modelling fractal manufacturing layout. In: International Conference on modelling and applied simulation, Rome, Italy, 12-14 September 2011. (Submitted)

SAAD, Sameh and ARIRIGUZO, Julian (2012). Simulating the integration of original equipment manufacturing and suppliers in fractal environment. International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling (IJSPM), 7 (3), 148-158.

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SAEZ-PONS, Joan, ALBOUL, Lyuba, PENDERS, Jacques and NOMDEDEU, Leo (2010). Multi-robot team formation control in the GUARDIANS project. Industrial Robot, 37 (4), 372-383.

SPELLS, S. J. and OKOROAFOR, E. U. (1994). A neutron-scattering study of polyethylene deformed by rolling. Polymer, 35 (21), 4590-4594.


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TEDESCHI, Franco and CARBONE, Giuseppe (2014). Design Issues for Hexapod Walking Robots. Robotics, 3 (2), 181-206.

TEDESCHI, Franco and CARBONE, Giuseppe (2014). Design Issues for Hexapod Walking Robots. Robotics, 3 (2), 181-206.


WANG, Mingfeng, CECCARELLI, Marco and CARBONE, Giuseppe (2016). A feasibility study on the design and walking operation of a biped locomotor via dynamic simulation. Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering, 11 (2), 144-158.


XU, Xu, ZHANG, Hongwei and CARBONE, Giuseppe (2017). Case studies on nonlinear control theory of the inverted pendulum. In: BOUBAKE, Olfa and IRIARTE, Rafael, (eds.) Inverted pendulum: from theory to new innovations in control and robotics. IET. (In Press)

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