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OZKAYA, Cansu, ABU-ALI, Hisham, NABOK, Alexei, DAVIS, Frank, WALCH, Nik, HAMMOND, Deborah and CAPAN, Rifat (2023). Metal sulfide sub-nanometer clusters formed within calix(8)arene Langmuir-Blodgett films. Thin Solid Films, 782: 140024.

TAKITA, Sarra, NABOK, Alexei, LISHCHUK, Anna, MUSSA, Magdi and SMITH, David (2023). Enhanced performance electrochemical biosensor for detection of prostate cancer biomarker PCA3 using specific aptamer. Eng Journal, 4 (1), 367-379.

TAKITA, Sarra, NABOK, Alexei, LISHCHUK, Anna and SMITH, David (2021). Optimization of Apta-Sensing Platform for Detection of Prostate Cancer Marker PCA3. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22 (23), e12701.

TAKITA, Sarra, NABOK, Alexei, SMITH, David and LISHCHUK, Anna (2021). Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Detection of Prostate Cancer Bio-Marker PCA3 Using Specific Non-Labeled Aptamer: Comparison with Electrochemical Detection. Chemistry Proceedings, 5 (1), p. 65.

GÉMES, Borbála, TAKÁCS, Eszter, GÁDOROS, Patrik, BARÓCSI, Attila, KOCSÁNYI, László, LENK, Sándor, CSÁKÁNYI, Attila, KAUTNY, Szabolcs, DOMJÁN, László, SZARVAS, Gábor, ADÁNYI, Nóra, NABOK, Alexei, MÖRTL, Mária and SZÉKÁCS, András (2021). Development of an immunofluorescence assay module for determination of the mycotoxin zearalenone in water. Toxins, 13 (3).

NABOK, Alexei, AL-JAWDAH, Ali Madlool, GÉMES, Borbála, TAKÁCS, Eszter and SZÉKÁCS, András (2021). An Optical Planar Waveguide-Based Immunosensors for Determination of Fusarium Mycotoxin Zearalenone. Toxins, 13 (2), e89.

ABU-ALI, Hisham, OZKAYA, Cansu, DAVIS, Frank, WALCH, Nik and NABOK, Alexei (2020). Electrochemical Aptasensor for Detection of Dopamine. Chemosensors, 8 (2), e28.

ABU-ALI, Hisham, NABOK, Alexei and SMITH, Thomas J. (2019). Development of novel and highly specific ssDNA-Aptamer-based electrochemical biosensor for rapid detection of Mercury (II) and Lead (II) ions in water. Chemosensors, 7 (2), e27.

AL-RUBAYE, Ali Ghamin, NABOK, Alexei and TSARGORODSKAYA, Anna (2016). Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of gold nanostructures for LSPR bio-sensing applications. Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research, 12, 30-35.


NABOK, Alexei, AL-JAWDAH, Ali Madlool and TSARGORODSKAYA, Anna (2017). Development of planar waveguide-based immunosensor for detection of low molecular weight molecules such as mycotoxins. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 247, 975-980.

KRIECHBAUMER, Verena, NABOK, Alexei, WIDDOWSON, Robert, SMITH, David and ABELL, Benjamin (2012). Quantification of ligand binding to g-protein coupled receptors on cell membranes by ellipsometry. PLoS ONE, 7 (9), e46221.

KRIECHBAUMER, Verena, NABOK, Alexei, MUSTAFA, Mohd, AL-AMMAR, Rukaiah, TSARGORODSKAYA, Anna, SMITH, David and ABELL, Benjamin (2012). Analysis of protein interactions at native chloroplast membranes by ellipsometry. PLoS ONE, 7 (3), e34455.

KRIECHBAUMER, Verena, TSARGORODSKAYA, Anna, MUSTAFA, Mohd, VINOGRADOVA, Tatiana, LACEY, Joanne, SMITH, David, ABELL, Benjamin and NABOK, Alexei (2011). Study of receptor-chaperone interactions using the optical technique of spectroscopic ellipsometry. Biophysical Journal, 101 (2), 504-511.

NABOK, Alexei, MUSTAFA, Mohd Kamarulzaki, TSARGORODSKAYA, Anna and STARODUB, Nikolaj F. (2011). Detection of Aflatoxin B1 with a Label-Free Ellipsometry Immunosensor. BioNanoScience, 1 (1-2), 38-45.

CRISTOFOLINI, L., FONTANA, M.P., CAMORANI, P., BERZINA, T. and NABOK, Alexei (2010). Doping-Induced Conductivity Transitions in Molecular Layers of Polyaniline: Optical Studies of Electronic State Changes. Langmuir, 26 (8), 5829-5835.

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