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MACHACZEK, Katarzyna, QUIRK, Helen, FIRTH, Joseph, CARNEY, Rebekah, COPELAND, Robert, POLLARD, Nicholas, PECKHAM, Emily, HAMPSHAW, Susan, DE-LA HAYE, Stephanie, BURTON, Hannah and GOYDER, Elizabeth (2022). A whole systems approach to integrating physical activity to aid mental health recovery – translating theory into practice. Mental Health and Physical Activity, 23: 100480.

MACHACZEK, Katarzyna, ALLMARK, Peter, POLLARD, Nicholas, GOYDER, Elizabeth, SHEA, Mark, HORSPOOL, Michelle, LEE, Suzanne, DE-LA HAYE, Stephanie, COPELAND, Robert and WEICH, Scott (2021). Integrating physical activity into the treatment of depression in adults: a qualitative enquiry. Health and Social Care in the Community.

QUIRK, Helen, HOCK, Emma, HARROP, Deborah, CRANK, Helen, PECKHAM, Emily, TRAVIS-TURNER, Gemma, MACHACZEK, Katarzyna, STUBBS, Brendon, HORSPOOL, Michelle, WEICH, Scott and COPELAND, Robert (2020). Understanding the experience of initiating community-based group physical activity by people with serious mental illness: a systematic review using a meta-ethnographic approach. European Psychiatry, 63 (1).

MACHACZEK, Katarzyna, GEE, Melanie, ALLMARK, Peter, WEICH, Scott, GOYDER, Elizabeth and SHEA, Mark (2018). An innovative approach to integrating physical activity (PA) into the management of mild-to-moderate depression (MMD) (Abstract only). Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 15 (S1), S54.

ALLMARK, Peter and MACHACZEK, Katarzyna (2018). Realism and pragmatism in a mixed methods study. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 74 (6), 1301-1309.

MACHACZEK, Katarzyna, ALLMARK, Peter, GOYDER, Elizabeth, GRANT, Gordon, RICKETTS, Tom, POLLARD, Nicholas, BOOTH, Andrew, HARROP, Deborah, DE-LA-HAYE, Stephanie, COLLINS, Karen and GREEN, Geoff (2018). A scoping study of interventions to increase the uptake of physical activity (PA) amongst individuals with mild-to-moderate depression (MMD). BMC Public Health, 18, p. 392.

GEE, Melanie, PIERCY, Hilary and MACHACZEK, Katarzyna (2017). Family planning decisions for parents of children with a rare genetic condition: a scoping review. Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare, 14, 1-6.

PIERCY, Hilary, MACHACZEK, Katarzyna, ALI, Parveen and YAP, Sufin (2017). Parental experiences of raising a child with medium chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase deficiency. Global Qualitative Nursing research, 4, 1-8.

COOPER, Dawn Michelle, WHITFIELD, Malcolm, NEWTON, David, CHIARELLA, Joseph and MACHACZEK, Katarzyna (2016). Introduction of a non-ported peripheral intravenous catheter with multi-use blood control septum offers improvements in the overall efficiency of the procedure and is clinically well accepted. International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management, 15 (3), 177-193.

ALLMARK, Peter and MACHACZEK, Katarzyna (2015). Financial capability, health and disability. BMC Public Health, 15 (1), p. 785.

WHITFIELD, Malcolm, MACHACZEK, Katarzyna and GREEN, Geoff (2013). Developing a model to estimate the potential impact of municipal investment on city health. Journal of urban health : bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, 90 (1 Supp), 62-73.

MCSEVENY, Kerry, HELLER, B, LIGHT, Ann and MACHACZEK, Katarzyna (2013). ‘You could, couldn’t you?’: a preliminary investigation of older people’s interaction with a bespoke virtual environment using a gesture interface. Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds, 5 (3), 235-249.

MACHACZEK, Katarzyna, WHITFIELD, Malcolm, KILNER, Karen and ALLMARK, Peter (2013). Doctors' and nurses' perceptions of barriers to conducting handover in hospitals in the Czech Republic. American Journal of Nursing Research, 1 (1), 1-9.

MACHACZEK, Katarzyna, CARR, Adrian and WHITFIELD, Malcolm (2010). A randomised controlled trial of the use of motivational enhancement techniques to improve engagement in and adherence to programmed physical activity in people with mental health problems and high CVD risk. Navigating the Fragmented Innovation Landscape - Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Well-being in the Information Society (WIS 2010) (56).

Book Section

MACHACZEK, Katarzyna, WHITFIELD, Malcolm and ISMAIL, Mubarak (2010). Patient relationship. In: WINDAK, Adam, TOMASIK, Tomasz and DOMAGALA, Alicja, (eds.) Guidebook for teachers of family medicine on health promotion and disease prevention. Krakow, Zdrowie i Zarządzanie, 56-59.


MACHACZEK, Katarzyna, PECKHAM, Emily, FIRTH, Joseph, POLLARD, Nick, MITCHELL, Caroline, QUIRK, Helen, BURTON, Hannah, FELTON, Vicky, FLANNINGAM, Stephanie, TODD, Andrew, HENRY, Ian and GOYDER, Elizabeth (2023). Broadening the inclusion in physical activity research and interventions for people with severe mental illness. Project Report. Sheffield Hallam University.

PAYNE, K, DE NORMANVILLE, Clare, STANSFIELD, Karen, BARNETT, Nicholas, MACHACZEK, Katarzyna, QUTISHAT, Dania, OKASHEH, Rasha, ION, V, WICKS, H and SMEWING, Ch (2010). Prevention and lifestyle behaviour change : a competence framework. Project Report. NHS Yorkshire and The Humber.

WHITFIELD, Malcolm and MACHACZEK, Katarzyna (2010). Scoping the economic case for the 'Health Behaviour Change' Competence Framework. Project Report. Yorkshire and the Humber NHS.

Conference or Workshop Item

MACHACZEK, Katarzyna and GREEN, Geoff (2011). Developing an evidence-based approach to city level public health investment in European cities. In: The 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science (APCESS 2011), Shanghai University of Sport, Shanghai, China, 2-5 November, 2011. (Unpublished)

WHITFIELD, Malcolm and MACHACZEK, Katarzyna (2010). Developing an evidence-based approach to city level public health investment in Europe. In: 18th UKPHA Annual Public Health Forum, Bournemouth, UK, 24-25 March, 2010. (Unpublished)

SMITH, Tony and MACHACZEK, Katarzyna (2007). What is the evidence for the impact of Leadership development and enhanced performance of healthcare organisations? In: Leadership and Management Development Symposium, European Health Management Association Conference, Lyon, France. (Unpublished)

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