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BOUCHUT, Quentin, APPIAH, Kofi, LOTFI, Ahmad and DICKINSON, Patrick (2019). Ensemble One-vs-One SVM Classifier for Smartphone Accelerometer Activity Recognition. In: 2018 IEEE 20th International Conferences on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC). IEEE.

LOTFI, A, ALBAWENDI, S, POWELL, H, APPIAH, Kofi and LANGENSIEPEN, C (2018). Supporting Independent Living for Older Adults: Employing a Visual Based Fall Detection Through Analysing the Motion and Shape of the Human Body. IEEE Access, 6, 70272-70282.

ATANBORI, John, DUAN, Wenting, SHAW, Edward, APPIAH, Kofi and DICKINSON, Patrick (2018). Classification of bird species from video using appearance and motion features. Ecological Informatics, 48 (2018), 12-23.

BHOWMIK, Deepayan and APPIAH, Kofi (2018). Embedded vision systems: A review of the literature. In: 14th International Symposium on Applied Reconfigurable Computing (ARC), Santorini, Greece, 2-4 May 2018.

COSTALAGO MERUELO, Alicia, MACHADO, Pedro, APPIAH, Kofi, MUJIKA, Andoni, LEŠKOVSKÝ, Peter, ALVAREZ, Roberto, EPELDE, Gorka and MCGINNITY, T. Martin (2018). Emulation of chemical stimulus triggered head movement in the C. elegans nematode. Neurocomputing.

ROBINSON, Jon, LEE, Kevin, APPIAH, Kofi and YOUSEF, Yousaf (2017). Energy-Aware systems for improving the well-being of older people by reducing their energy consumption. International Journal on Advances in Life Sciences, 9 (3&4), 163-175.

MUSTAFA, Mohammed, ALLEN, Tony and APPIAH, Kofi (2017). A comparative review of dynamic neural networks and hidden Markov model methods for mobile on-device speech recognition. Neural Computing and Applications.

ZHAI, Xiaojun, APPIAH, Kofi, EHSAN, Shoaib, HOWELLS, Gareth, HU, Huosheng, GU, Dongbing and MCDONALD-MAIER, Klaus D. (2015). A method for detecting abnormal program behavior on embedded devices. IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 10 (8), 1692-1704.

APPIAH, Kofi, HUNTER, Andrew and KLUGE, Tino (2005). GW4: a real-time background subtraction and maintenance algorithm for FPGA implementation. WSEAS Transactions on Systems, 4 (10), 1741-1751.


ALBAWENDI, Suad, LOTFI, Ahmad, POWELL, Heather and APPIAH, Kofi (2018). Video based fall detection using features of motion, shape and histogram. In: PETRA '18 Proceedings of the 11th PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments Conference. ACM Press, 529-536.

ATANBORI, John, DUAN, Wenting, MURRAY, John, APPIAH, Kofi and DICKINSON, Patrick (2016). Automatic classification of flying bird species using computer vision techniques. Pattern Recognition Letters, 81, 53 - 62.

ZHAI, Xiaojun, APPIAH, Kofi, EHSAN, Shoaib, HOWELLS, Gareth, HU, Huosheng, GU, Dongbing and MCDONALD-MAIER, Klaus (2015). Exploring ICMetrics to detect abnormal program behaviour on embedded devices. Journal of Systems Architecture, 61 (10), 567 - 575.

MUNRO, James, APPIAH, Kofi and DICKINSON, Patrick (2014). Investigating informative performance metrics for a multicore game world server. Entertainment Computing, 5 (1), 1-17.

APPIAH, Kofi, HUNTER, Andrew, DICKINSON, Patrick and MENG, Hongying (2012). Implementation and applications of Tri-State self-organizing maps on FPGA. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 22 (8), 1150-1160.

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DICKINSON, Patrick, HUNTER, Andrew and APPIAH, Kofi (2009). A spatially distributed model for foreground segmentation. Image and Vision Computing, 27 (9), 1326-1335.

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