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AGUERO, A, LORENZA, M.Juez, HOVSEPIAN, Papken, EHIASARIAN, Arutiun, PURANDARE, Yashodhan and MUELAS, R (2018). Long-term behaviour of Nb and Cr nitrides nanostructured coatings under steam at 650°C. Mechanistic considerations. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 739, 549-558.

CUADRADO, Ramón, OROSZLÁNY, László, DEÁK, András, OSTLER, Thomas, MEO, Andrea, CHEPULSKII, Roman, APALKOV, Dmytro, EVANS, Richard, SZUNYOGH, László and CHANTRELL, Roy (2018). Site-resolved contributions to the magnetic anisotropy energy and complex spin structure of Fe/MgO sandwiches. Physical Review Applied, 9 (054048).


MÜLLER, Itzel Castillo, SHARP, Joanne, RAINFORTH, W. Mark, HOVSEPIAN, Papken and EHIASARIAN, Arutiun (2017). Tribological response and characterization of Mo–W doped DLC coating. Wear, 376-37 (Part B), 1622-1629.

TSAKONAS, C, KUZNETSOV, V. L., CRANTON, W. M., KALFAGIANNIS, N., ABUSABEE, K.M., KOUTSOGEORGIS, D.C., ABEYWICKRAMA, N. and EDWARDS, P.P. (2017). Low temperature sputter-deposited ZnO films with enhanced Hall mobility using excimer laser post-processing. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 50 (48).


AGNEW, Gary, GRIER, Andrew, TAIMRE, Thomas, BERTLING, Karl, LIM, Yah Leng, IKONIC, Zoran, DEAN, Paul, VALAVANIS, Alex, HARRISON, Paul, INDJIN, Dragan and RAKIC, Aleksandar D. (2016). Temperature dependent high speed dynamics of terahertz quantum cascade lasers. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 23 (4).

AGNEW, Gary, GRIER, Andrew, TAIMRE, Thomas, LIM, Yah Leng, BERTLING, Karl, IKONIC, Zoran, VALAVANIS, Alexander, DEAN, Paul, COOPER, Jonathan, KHANNA, Suraj P, LACHAB, Mohammad, LINFIELD, Edmund H, DAVIES, A. Giles, HARRISON, Paul, INDJIN, Dragan and RAKIC, Aleksandar (2016). A model for a pulsed terahertz quantum cascade laser under optical feedback. Optics Express, 24 (18), 20554-20170.

DISO, D. G., FAUZI, F., ECHENDU, O. K., OLUSOLA, O.I. and DHARMADASA, I (2016). Optimisation of CdTe electrodeposition voltage for development of CdS/CdTe solar cells. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 27 (12), 12464-12472.

GRIER, Andrew, DEAN, Paul, VALAVANIS, Alexander, KEELEY, James, KUNDU, Iman, COOPER, Jonathan D, AGNEW, Gary, TAIMRE, Thomas, LIM, Yah Leng, BERTLING, Karl, RAKIC, Aleksander D, LI, Lianhe H, HARRISON, Paul, LINFIELD, Edmund H, IKONIC, Zoran, DAVIES, A. Giles and INDJIN, Dragan (2016). Origin of terminal voltage variations due to self-mixing in terahertz frequency quantum cascade lasers. Optics Express, 24 (19), 21948-21956.

HASSAN, Aseel, BANIMUSLEM, Hikmat, BASOVA, Tamara, GÜLMEZ, Asuman Dakoğlu, DURMUŞ, Mahmut, GÜREK, Ayşe Gül and AHSEN, Vefa (2016). Surface interaction of copper phthalocyanine modified single walled carbon nanotubes with pesticides. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 224, 780-788.

RAKIC, Aleksander D., LIM, Yah Leng, TAIMRE, Thomas, AGNEW, Gary, QI, Xiaoqiong, BERTLING, Karl, HAN, She, KUNDU, Iman, GRIER, Andrew, IKONIC, Zoran, VALAVANIS, Alexander, DEMIC, Aleksandar, KEELEY, James, LI, Lianhe H., LINFIELD, Edmund H., DAVIES, A. Giles, HARRISON, Paul, FERGUSON, Blake, WALKER, Graeme, PROW, Tarl, INDJIN, Dragan and SOYER, H. Peter (2016). Optical feedback effects on terahertz quantum cascade lasers: modelling and applications. In: ZHANG, Cunlin, ZHANG, Xi-Cheng and TANI, Masahiko, (eds.) Infrared, Millimeter-Wave, and Terahertz Technologies. Proceedings of SPIE, IV (10030). Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers, p. 1003016.

RAKIĆ, Aleksandar D., AGNEW, Gary, QI, Xiaoqiong, TAIMRE, Thomas, LIM, Yah Leng, BERTLING, Karl, HAN, She, WILSON, Stephen J., GRIER, Andrew, KUNDU, Iman, LI, Lianhe, VALAVANIS, Alexander, DEAN, Paul, IKONIĆ, Zoran, COOPER, Jonathan, KHANNA, Suraj P., LACHAB, Mohammad, LINFIELD, Edmund H., DAVIES, A. Giles, HARRISON, Paul and INDJIN, Dragan (2016). Terahertz frequency quantum cascade lasers: Optical feedback effects and applications. In: PIPREK, Joachim, PULTON, Christopher, STEEL, Michael and DE STERKE, Martjin, (eds.) 16th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices, NUSOD 2016 [Proceedings]. IEEE Conference Publications . New Jersey, IEEE, 203-204.

RAZALI, Razif, IKONIC, Zoran, INDJIN, Dragan and HARRISON, Paul (2016). Polarization-entangled mid-infrared photon generation in p-doped semiconductor quantum wells. Semiconductor Science and Technology, 31 (11), p. 115011.

SANO, Naoko, BARLOW, Anders J., TSAKONAS, Costas, CRANTON, Wayne and CUMPSON, Peter J. (2016). Optimal conditions for gas cluster ion beams in studying inorganic interface species: improved chemical information at a ZnO interface. Surface and Interface Analysis, 48 (7), 575-579.

SILLS, Andrew, HARRISON, Paul and CALIFANO, Marco (2016). Exciton Dynamics in InSb Colloidal Quantum Dots. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 7 (1), 31-35.


BASOVA, Tamara V., PARKHOMENKO, Roman G., KRASNOV, Pavel O., IGUMENOV, Igor K., KADEM, Burak and HASSAN, Aseel (2015). Gold(III) phthalocyanine chloride: optical and structural characterization of thin films. Dyes and Pigments, 122, 280-285.

BASOVA, Tamara V., PARKHOMENKO, Roman G., POLYAKOV, Maxim, GÜREK, Ayşe Gül, ATILLA, Devrim, YUKSEL, Fatma, RYABCHIKOVA, Elena I., KADEM, Burak Y. and HASSAN, Aseel (2015). Effect of dispersion of gold nanoparticles on the properties and alignment of liquid crystalline copper phthalocyanine films. Dyes and Pigments, 125, 266-273.

GRIER, Andrew, VALAVANIS, Alex, EDMUNDS, Colin, SHAO, J, COOPER, J. D., GARDNER, G, MANFRA, M. J., MALIS, Oana, INDJIN, Dragan, IKONIC, Zoran and HARRISON, Paul (2015). Coherent vertical electron transport and interface roughness effects in AlGaN/GaN intersubband devices. Journal of Applied Physics, 118 (224308), 224308-1-224308-9.

LOCH, Daniel A.L., GONZALVO, Yolanda A. and EHIASARIAN, Arutiun P. (2015). Nickel coatings by Inductively Coupled Impulse Sputtering (ICIS). Surface and coatings technology, 267, 98-104.

RAZALI, Razif, VALAVANIS, Alex, COOPER, J, IKONIC, Zoran, INDJIN, Dragan and HARRISON, Paul (2015). Mid-infrared entangled photon generation in optimised asymmetric semiconductor quantum wells. Superlattices and Microstructures, 90, 107-116.


AGNEW, Gary, GRIER, Andrew, TAIMRE, Thomas, LIM, Yah Leng, IKONIC, Zoran, DEAN, Paul, KHANNA, Suraj P., LACHAB, Mohammad, VALAVANIS, Alexander, COOPER, Jonathan, HARRISON, Paul, LINFIELD, Edmund H., DAVIES, A. Giles, INDJIN, Dragan and RAKIC, Aleksandar D. (2014). A QCL model with integrated thermal and stark rollover mechanisms. In: 2014 Conference on Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials and Devices : COMMAD 2014 conference booklet. IEEE, 48-51.

VALAVANIS, A, COOPER, J D, GRIER, A and HARRISON, Paul (2014). Quantum Wells,wires and dots (QWWAD): development of an open-source simulation suite for semi-conductor nanostructures. In: UK Semiconductors 2014, Sheffield, UK, 9-10 July 2014. (Unpublished)


AL-SHANAWA, M, NABOK, Aleksey, HASHIM, Abbass, SMITH, T and FORDER, Sue (2013). Detection of γ-radiation and heavy metals using electrochemical bacterial-based sensor. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 450 (1), 012025.

LEWIN, Erik, LOCH, Daniel, MONTAGNE, Alex, EHIASARIAN, Arutiun P. and PATSCHEIDER, Jörg (2013). Comparison of Al–Si–N nanocomposite coatings deposited by HIPIMS and DC magnetron sputtering. Surface and coatings technology, 232, 680-689.

SUGUMARAN, A.A., PURANDARE, Yashodhan, MANDAL, P., EHIASARIAN, A.P. and HOVSEPIAN, Papken (2013). Effect of the degree of high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HIPIMS) utilisation on the corrosion properties of TiN films. In: Society of Vacuum Coaters 505/856-7188. 56th Annual Technical Conference Proceedings,. Society of Vacuum Coaters.


PURANDARE, Yashodhan, EHIASARIAN, Arutiun and HOVSEPIAN, Papken (2011). Structure and properties of ZrN coatings deposited by high power impulse magnetron sputtering technology. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, 29 (1), 011004.

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