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JONES, Peter E. and MAGALHÃES, Maria Cecília C. (2020). Marx, Vygotsky and Freire: methodological discussions on the role of language in social transformation. DELTA: Documentação de Estudos em Lingüística Teórica e Aplicada, 36 (3).

JONES, Peter E. (2018). Karl Marx and the language sciences – Critical encounters: introduction to the special issue. Language Sciences, 70.

JONES, Peter E. (2018). Integrationist reflections on the place of dialogue in our communicational universe: laying the ghost of segregationism? Language and Dialogue, 8 (1), 118-138.

JONES, Peter E. (2016). Language - the transparent tool: reflections on reflexivity and instrumentality. Language Sciences, 61, 5-16.

JONES, Peter E. and COLLINS, Chik (2016). 'Activity Theory' meets austerity - or does it? The challenge of relevance in a world of violent contradiction and crisis. Theory and Struggle (117), 93-99.

JONES, Peter E. (2016). Language and social determinism in the Vygotskian tradition: a response to Ratner (2015). Language and sociocultural theory, 3 (1), 1-8.

JONES, Peter E. (2013). Bernstein's 'codes' and the linguistics of 'deficit'. Language and Education, 27 (2), 161-179.

JONES, Peter E. (2011). Signs of activity: integrating language and practical action. Language Sciences, 33 (1), 11-19.

JONES, Peter E. (2011). Value for money? : putting Marx through the mill. Language Sciences, 33 (4), 689-694.

JONES, Peter E. (2011). The living and the dead in education : commentary on Julian Williams. Mind, Culture, and Activity, 18 (4), 365-373.

JONES, Peter E. (2010). You want a piece of me? Paying your dues and getting your due in a distributed world. AI and society, 25 (4), 455-464.

JONES, Peter E. (2009). Breaking away from Capital? : theorising activity in the shadow of Marxism. Outlines. Critical practice studies, 1, 45-58.

JONES, Peter E. (2009). From ‘external speech’ to ‘inner speech’ in Vygotsky : a critical appraisal and fresh perspectives. Language and communication, 29 (2), 166-181.

JONES, Peter E. (2009). Ilyenkov and methodological problems in contemporary "activity theory". Logos, 1, 133-150.

Book Section

JONES, Peter E. (2018). Vygotsky and Marx: Re-setting the relationship. In: YASNITSKY, Anton, (ed.) Questioning Vygotsky's legacy: Scientific psychology or heroic cult. Routledge.

JONES, Peter E. (2017). Language and freedom vol 1: The abstract and the concrete. In: PABLÉ, Adrian, (ed.) Critical humanist perspectives : the integrational turn in philosophy of language and communication. Routledge Advances in Communication and Linguistic Theory . Abingdon, Routlegde, 189-211.

GHOSH, Ayan, PENDERS, Jacques, JONES, Peter E., REED, Heath and SORANZO, Alessandro (2014). Exploring haptic feedback for robot to human communication. In: SHARKEY, Paul, PARETO, Lena, BROEREN, Jurgen and RYDMARK, Martin, (eds.) The 10th International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies, Proceedings. Reading, University of Reading, 309-312.

GHOSH, Ayan, PENDERS, Jacques, JONES, Peter E. and REED, Heath (2014). Experience of using a haptic interface to follow a robot without visual feedback. In: Proceedings of the 23rd IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication. Edinburgh, 25-29 August. IEEE, 329-334.

PENDERS, Jacques and JONES, Peter E. (2012). Exploring haptic interfacing with a mobile robot without visual feedback. In: HERRMANN, Guido, STUDLEY, Matthew, PEARSON, Martin, CONN, Andrew, MELHUISH, Chris, WITKOWSKI, Mark, JONG-HWAN, Kim and VADAKKEPAT, Prahlad, (eds.) Advances in autonomous robotics. Joint proceedings of the 13th annual TAROS conference and the 15th annual FIRA Roboworld congress Bristol, UK, August 20-23, 2012. Lecture notes in computer science (7429). Heidelberg, Springer-Verlag, 432-433.

JONES, Peter E. (2011). Activity, activity theory and the Marxian legacy. In: JONES, Peter, (ed.) Marxism and education : renewing the dialogue, pedagogy and culture. Palgrave Macmillan, 193-214.

JONES, Peter E. and COLLINS, Chik (2009). State ideology and oppositional discourses : conceptual and methodological issues. In: HUSPEK, Michael, (ed.) Oppositional discourses and democracies. Routledge Studies in Social and Political Thought . Routledge, 17-39.

JONES, Peter E. (2008). Language in cultural-historical perspective. In: VAN OERS, Bert, WARDEKKER, Wim, ELBERS, Ed and VAN DER VEER, Rene, (eds.) The transformation of learning : advances in cultural-historical activity theory. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 76-99.

Conference or Workshop Item

GHOSH, Ayan, ALBOUL, Lyuba, PENDERS, Jacques, JONES, Peter E. and REED, Heath (2014). Following a Robot using a Haptic Interface without Visual Feedback. In: Seventh International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions, ACHI 2014, Barcelona, Spain, 23-27 March 2014.

PENDERS, Jacques, JONES, Peter E., RANASINGHE, Anuradha and NANAYAKARA, Thrishantha (2013). Enhancing trust and confidence in human robot interaction. In: UKRE, Sheffield, 25-3-2013. (In Press)

JONES, Peter E., GHOSH, Ayan, PENDERS, Jacques and REED, Heath (2013). Towards human technology symbiosis in the haptic mode. In: International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design, Famagusta, North Cyprus, 2-4 May 2013. 307-312.

Authored Book

BROWN, Lisa and JONES, Peter E. (2014). Bringing back the child : language development after extreme deprivation. Children and Childhoods, 4 . Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Edited Book

JONES, Peter E. (2011). Marxism and education : renewing the dialogue, pedagogy and culture. Palgrave Macmillan.

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