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DANI, F. R., MICHELUCCI, E., FRANCESE, S., MASTROBUONI, G., CAPPELLOZZA, S., LA MARCA, G., NICCOLINI, A., FELICIOLI, A., MONETI, G. and PELOSI, P. (2011). Odorant-Binding Proteins and Chemosensory Proteins in Pheromone Detection and Release in the Silkmoth Bombyx mori. Chemical senses.

SCOLLATO, A., TERRENI, A., CALDINI, A., SALVADORI, B., GALLINA, P., FRANCESE, S., MASTROBUONI, G., PIERACCINI, G., MONETI, G., BINI, L., MESSERI, G. and DI LORENZO, N. (2010). CSF proteomic analysis in patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus selected for the shunt: CSF biomarkers of response to surgical treatment. Neurological Sciences, 31 (3), 283-291.

GROSSI, C., FRANCESE, S., CASINI, A., ROSI, M. C., LUCCARINI, I., FIORENTINI, A., GABBIANI, C., MESSORI, L., MONETI, G. and CASAMENTI, F. (2009). Clioquinol decreases amyloid-β burden and reduces working memory impairment in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. Journal of Alzheimer's disease, 17 (2), 423-440.

FRANCESE, S., DANI, F. R., TRALDI, P., MASTROBUONI, G., PIERACCINI, G. and MONETI, G. (2009). MALDI mass spectrometry imaging, from its origins up to today: the state of the art. Combinatorial chemistry & high throughput screening, 12 (2), 156-174.

CAVATORTA, V., SFORZA, S., MASTROBUONI, G., PIERACCINI, G., FRANCESE, S., MONETI, G., DOSSENA, A., PASTORELLO, E. A. and MARCHELLI, R. (2009). Unambiguous characterization and tissue localization of Pru P 3 peach allergen by electrospray mass spectrometry and MALDI imaging. Journal of mass spectrometry, 44 (6), 891-897.

FRANCESE, S., LAMBARDI, D., MASTROBUONI, G., LA MARCA, G., MONETI, G. and TURILLAZZI, S. (2009). Detection of honeybee venom in envenomed tissues by direct MALDI MSI. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 20 (1), 112-123.

DANI, F. R., FRANCESE, S., MASTROBUONI, G., FELICIOLI, A., CAPUTO, B., SIMARD, F., PIERACCINI, G., MONETI, G., COLUZZI, M., DELLA TORRE, A. and TURILLAZZI, S. (2008). Exploring Proteins in Anopheles gambiae Male and Female Antennae through MALDI Mass Spectrometry Profiling. PLoS ONE, 3 (7), e2822.

LA MARCA, G., MALVAGIA, S., FILIPPI, L., FIORINI, P., INNOCENTI, M., LUCERI, F., PIERACCINI, G., MONETI, G., FRANCESE, S., DANI, F. R. and GUERRINI, R. (2008). Rapid assay of topiramate in dried blood spots by a new liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometric method. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 48 (5), 1392-1396.

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