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SEIFERT, L, ARAÚJO, D and DAVIDS, Keith (2022). Avoiding organismic asymmetries in ecological cognition: Analysis of agent-environment couplings with eco-physical variables. Adaptive Behavior.

CALDEIRA, P, DAVIDS, Keith and ARAÚJO, D (2021). Neurobiological tensegrity: The basis for understanding inter-individual variations in task performance? Human Movement Science, 79, p. 102862.

UEHARA, L, BUTTON, C, SAUNDERS, J, ARAÚJO, D, FALCOUS, M and DAVIDS, Keith (2020). Malandragem and Ginga: Socio-cultural constraints on the development of expertise and skills in Brazilian football. International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching.

RENSHAW, I, DAVIDS, Keith, ARAÚJO, D, LUCAS, A, ROBERTS, WM, NEWCOMBE, DJ and FRANKS, B (2019). Evaluating weaknesses of "perceptual-cognitive training" and "brain training" methods in sport: An ecological dynamics critique. Frontiers in Psychology, 9 (Jan), p. 2468.

ARAÚJO, D, BRYMER, E, BRITO, H, WITHAGEN, R and DAVIDS, Keith (2019). The empowering variability of affordances of nature: why do exercisers feel better after performing the same exercise in natural environments than in indoor environments? Psychology of Sport and Exercise.

DAVIDS, Keith and ARAÚJO, D (2016). What could an ecological dynamics rationale offer Quiet Eye research? Comment on Vickers. Current Issues in Sport Science (CISS), 2016 (1).

SILVA, P, VILAR, L, DAVIDS, Keith, ARAÚJO, D and GARGANTA, J (2016). Sports teams as complex adaptive systems: manipulating player numbers shapes behaviours during football small-sided games. SpringerPlus, 5 (1), p. 191.

DUARTE, R, ARAÚJO, D, CORREIA, V, DAVIDS, Keith, MARQUES, P and RICHARDSON, M J (2013). Competing together: assessing the dynamics of team–team and player–team synchrony in professional association football. Human Movement Science, 32 (4), 555-566.

CORREIA, V, ARAÚJO, D, VILAR, L and DAVIDS, Keith (2013). From recording discrete actions to studying continuous goal-directed behaviours in team sports. Journal of Sports Sciences, 31 (5), 546-553.

DAVIDS, K, ARAÚJO, D, CORREIA, V and VILAR, L (2013). How small-sided and conditioned games enhance acquisition of movement and decision-making skills. Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews (ESSR), 41 (3), 154-161.

VILAR, L, ARAÚJO, D, DAVIDS, Keith, CORREIA, V and ESTEVES, P T (2013). Spatial-temporal constraints on decision-making during shooting performance in the team sport of futsal. Journal of Sports Sciences, 31 (8), 840-846.

VILAR, L, ARAÚJO, D, DAVIDS, Keith and RENSHAW, I (2012). The need for ‘representative task design’ in evaluating efficacy of skills tests in sport: A comment on Russell, Benton and Kingsley. Journal of Sports Sciences, 30 (16), 1727-1730.

TRAVASSOS, B, ARAÚJO, D, DAVIDS, K, VILAR, L, ESTEVES, P and VANDA, C (2012). Informational constraints shape emergent functional behaviours during performance of interceptive actions in team sports. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 13 (2), 216-223.

ORTH, D, DAVIDS, K., ARAÚJO, D, RENSHAW, I and PASSOS, P (2012). Effects of a defender on run-up velocity and ball speed when crossing a football. European Journal of Sport Science, 1-8.

TRAVASSOS, B, DUARTE, R, VILAR, L, DAVIDS, Keith and ARAÚJO, D (2012). Practice task design in team sports : representativeness enhanced by increasing opportunities for action. Journal of Sports Sciences, 30 (13), 1447-1454.

PASSOS, P, DAVIDS, Keith, ARAÚJO, D, PAZ, N, MINGUÉNS, J and MENDES, J (2011). Networks as a novel tool for studying team ball sports as complex social systems. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 14 (2), 170-176.

DAVIDS, K and ARAÚJO, D (2010). The concept of ‘Organismic Asymmetry’ in sport science. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 13 (6), 633-640.

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PASSOS, P, ARAÚJO, D, DAVIDS, K, GOUVEIA, L and SERPA, S (2006). Interpersonal dynamics in sport: the role of artificial neural networks and 3-D analysis. Behavior Research Methods, 38 (4), 683-691.

ARAÚJO, D, DAVIDS, K and SERPA, S (2005). An ecological approach to expertise effects in decision-making in a simulated sailing regatta. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 6 (6), 671-692.

Book Section

DAVIDS, K and ARAÚJO, D (2005). A constraints-based framework for the organization of sport coaching. In: ARAÚJO, D, (ed.) O Contexto da decisão: a acção táctica em desportos dinâmicos. Lisbon, Portugal., Edições Visão e Contextos, 35-60.

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