Julie Westerman

Julie Westermans research is split into two halves, one concerned with innovative public art projects and the other led by concerns with the relationship between the virtual space of the computer generated event and the physical presence of the sculptural object. The final works explore the experience of the space in between these two positions.

Working with film, animation, drawing and sculpture the current research engages with the pervading anxiety over global warming using images of structural failure and climatic events

Julie Westerman is a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Sheffield Hallam University

Dr John Hart

Dr John Hart is a senior sports engineer who works within the Centre for Sports Engineering Research at Sheffield Hallam University, as an aerodynamicist and reverse engineering specialist. Dr Hart’s day to day role involves both research and the provision of consultancy services, in these areas, to a wide range of clients. These include small local enterprises, large commercial international companies, and British elite athletes and teams. Dr Hart has previously worked with British teams and athletes in their preparations for the Athens, Torino, and Beijing Olympic games. He recently worked with British winter teams, in particular British Skeleton Bob Sled, as part of the UK Sport funded Innovation Program in preparation for Vancouver 2010.