Experimental investigation on the spalling failure of a railway turnout made from Hadfield steel

LUO, Quanshun, KITCHEN, Matthew, LI, Jianbin, LI, Wenbo and LI, Yanzheng (2023). Experimental investigation on the spalling failure of a railway turnout made from Hadfield steel. Wear, 523: 204779.

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In a rail track structure, a turnout is used as a transition between straight and branching rails and therefore withstands complex dynamic rolling and impact loading. This paper reports a comprehensive failure investigation of a railway off-track turnout made from Hadfield austenitic cast steel. The worn turnout was examined using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, micro-hardness, and quantitative X-ray diffraction analyses. A ball-on-disc sliding wear test was also applied to evaluate the impact of work-hardening on the wear property. The turnout exhibited surface embrittlement, severe cracking, delamination, and spalling characteristics. Severe plastic deformation of the worn turnout was observed with the formation of densely packed mechanical twins, which facilitated crack propagation. The rail top developed a gradient hardness (HV0.1) profile from the rail top of 8.9 GPa, the cracked subsurface of 5.9 GPa to the bulk steel of 2 GPa. The rail top was also found to have accumulated an extremely high residual compressive stress of 500–650 MPa. Strain induced martensite transformation was repeatedly evidenced by X-ray diffraction peak of the ferritic (110) plane although the highly strained and nanocrystallised ferrite was only detected on the severely deformed rail top. Comparative sliding wear tests showed highly deteriorated wear resistance of the strain-hardened rail top as compared to the bulk steel.

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