Arrays of point absorber wave energy converters with effects of a vertical wall.

KARA, Fuat (2022). Arrays of point absorber wave energy converters with effects of a vertical wall. Prospects of Mechanical Engineering & Technology (PMET), 1 (1): 5555553.

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The in-house transient wave-multibody numerical tool of ITU-WAVE is used to predict the wave power absorption with Wave Energy Converters (WECs) arrays in front of a vertical wall. The analyses of hydrodynamic radiation and exciting forces are approximated solving boundary integral equation with time marching scheme. The method of images is used to predict the perfect reflection of incident waves from a vertical wall. The constructive or destructive effect with different array configurations can be measured with mean interaction factor which determines the performances of WECs. The vertical wall effect plays significant role over hydrodynamic parameters as the radiation and exciting forces show quite different behaviors in the case of WECs with and without vertical wall in an array system. When the performance and wave power absorption with WECs arrays in front of vertical are compare, it is shown with numerical experience that WECs in front of vertical wall have much greater effects on wave power absorption and performances. This is mainly due to standing and nearly trapped waves between a vertical wall and WECs arrays in addition to strong interactions between WECs. The analytical and other numerical results are used to validate the numerical results of the present ITU-WAVE numerical results for different hydrodynamic parameters in an array system which shows satisfactory agreements.

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