Mechanisms responsible for homeostatic appetite control: theoretical advances and practical implications

HOPKINS, Mark, BEAULIEU, Kristine, MYERS, Anna, GIBBONS, Catherine and BLUNDELL, John E. (2017). Mechanisms responsible for homeostatic appetite control: theoretical advances and practical implications. Expert Review of Endocrinology & Metabolism, 12 (6), 401-415.

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Introduction: Homeostatic appetite control is part of a psychobiological system that has evolved to maintain an adequate supply of nutrients for growth and maintenance. The system links the physiological needs for energy with the behaviour that satisfies these needs (feeding), and is shaped by excitatory and inhibitory signals. Owing to rapid shifts in the food environment, homeostatic appetite control is not well adapted for modern-day human functioning. Areas covered: Homeostatic appetite control has two divisions. Tonic processes exert stable and enduring influences, with signals arising from bodily tissues and metabolism. Episodic processes fluctuate rapidly and are related to nutrient ingestion and the composition of foods consumed. Research in these areas incorporates potent endocrine signals that can influence behaviour. Expert commentary: The regulation of adipose tissue, and its impact on appetite (energy) homeostasis, has been heavily researched. More recently however, it has been demonstrated that fat-free mass has the potential to act as a tonic driver of food intake. A challenging issue is to determine how the post-prandial action of episodic satiety hormones and gastrointestinal mechanisms can effectively brake the metabolic drive to eat, in order to keep food intake under control and prevent a positive energy balance and fat accumulation.

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Additional Information: Homeostatic appetite control, hunger, energy intake, satiety
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