Knowledge sharing practices and issues in policing contexts: a systematic review of the literature.

GRIFFITHS, Kerry, BIRDI, Kamal, ALSINA, Victòria, ANDREI, Daniela, BABAN, Adriana, BAYERAL, P. Saskia, BISOGNI, Fabio, CHIRCA, Sofia, CONSTANZO, Pietro, GASCÓ, Mila, GRUSCHINSKE, Mario, HORTON, Kate, JACOBS, Gabriele, JOCHOMS, Theo, KRSTEVSKA, Katerina, MIRCEVA, Stojanka, MOUHANNA, Christian, VAN DEN OORD, Ad, OTOIU, Catalina, RAJKOVCEVSKI, Rade, RATIU, Lucia, REGULI, Zdenko, RUS, Claudia, STEIN-MÜLLER, Susanne, STOJANOVSKI, Trpe, VARGA, Mihai, VÍTA, Michal and VONAS, Gabriel (2016). Knowledge sharing practices and issues in policing contexts: a systematic review of the literature. European Journal of Policing Studies, 3 (3), 267-291.

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The effective sharing of knowledge both within and between police organizations is arguably becoming increasingly vital for success and has driven research in a disparate range of fields. This paper therefore presents the results of an integrative systematic literature review of research into knowledge sharing within and between police organizations across Europe. The 39 papers analysed were drawn from English-language studies published between 2000 and 2013, complemented by additional searches for non-English language papers in nine European countries. Analyses showed that past research has focused on intra-organizational knowledge sharing, with a particular spotlight on criminal intelligence and technology. Barriers / enablers of knowledge sharing were grouped into knowledge management strategy/legislation, technology, culture and loss of knowledge themes. Research recommendations include exploring the role of leadership and examination of police knowledge sharing across regional, institutional and international boundaries. Practical recommendations include having procedural clarity in systems, policies for sharing knowledge and developing the relevant knowledge, skills and motivation of police personnel through appropriate training. Keyword : knowledge sharing, information, systematic literature review, police

Item Type: Article
Page Range: 267-291
Depositing User: Kerry Griffiths
Date Deposited: 20 Sep 2016 15:07
Last Modified: 18 Mar 2021 16:21

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