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GALMONTE, Alessandra, SORANZO, Alessandro, MURGIA, Mauro, SORS, Fabrizio and AGOSTINI, Tiziano (2022). Lightness Contrast Spatially Propagates on Perceptually Unified Elements. Gestalt Theory, 44 (1-2).

GALMONTE, Alessandra, SORANZO, Alessandro, RUDD, Michael .E. and AGOSTINI, Tiziano (2015). The phantom illusion. Vision Research, 117, 49-58.


PLATANIA, Alessio, CASTELLANO, Sabrina, AGOSTINI, Tiziano, BALDASSI, Giulio and SORANZO, Alessandro (2019). When articulation does not enhance lightness contrast. Perception, 48 (2 Supp), p. 130.

PRPIC, Valter, SORANZO, Alessandro, SANTORO, I, FANTONI, Carlo, GALMONTE, Alessandra, AGOSTINI, Tiziano and MURGIA, Mauro (2018). SNARC-like compatibility effects for physical and phenomenal magnitudes: A study on visual illusions. Psychological Research.

SORANZO, Alessandro, GALMONTE, Alessandro and AGOSTINI, Tiziano (2010). Von Bezold assimilation effect reverses in stereoscopic conditions. Perception, 39 (5), 592-605.

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SORANZO, Alessandro, GALMONTE, Alessandra and AGOSTINI, Tiziano (2009). The perceptual contrast of impossible shadow edges. Perception, 38 (2), 164-172.

SORANZO, Alessandro and AGOSTINI, Tiziano (2006). Photometric, geometric and perceptual factors in illumination-independent lightness constancy. Attention, Perception & Psychophisics, 68 (1), 102-113.

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PRPIC, Valter, MURGIA, Maura, SORANZO, Alessandro and AGOSTINI, Tiziano (2018). A SNARC-like effect for the perceived size of both physical and illusory figures. In: 41st European Conference on Visual Perception, Trieste, Italy, 26 - 30 August 2018. (Unpublished)

ZAVAGNO, Daniele, DANEYKO, Olga and AGOSTINI, Tiziano (2010). Measuring the meter: on the constancy of lightness scales seen against different backgrounds. Behavior Research Methods, 43 (1), 215-223.

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