Little Lost David "Devil Don't Mind" - Music Documentary

HEATH, Virginia (2008). Little Lost David "Devil Don't Mind" - Music Documentary. [Video]

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Experimental Music Documentary about Little Lost David aka David J. Roch, singer song writer, screened at Sheffield International Doc/Fest and on Channel 4 Television as part of the "4Play" series of Documentaries about contemporary musicians. In the process of writing and directing the music documentary I wanted to investigate visual and audio strategies for reflecting the unique, experimental musical structure of “Little Lost David” aka David J. Roch’s songs. I decided to integrate the poetic visual form of the music video “Devil Don’t Mind” to explore the themes of death and desire at the heart of David’s music. The process of making the documentary grew organically from a shared creative interest (between singer song writer and film maker) around conceptions of the “Devil” in relation to themes of passion, the noir 'femme fatale', death and desire. I experimented with intercutting key moments of the music video, (which visually references "film noir" and David Lynch’s film Mulholland Drive), with a very personal interview with David J. Roch about his struggle to create music as a way of battling against his demons. With influences as wide as the Buckleys, Billie Holiday, William Blake and graffiti art, Little Lost David’s music is raw and emotionally expressive. Dark, organic and very personal, it’s a law unto itself. David speaks with wry humour about his attraction to the devil and the dark side, and the way in which he sees music as his personal salvation. “Every song I’ve done is personal to me, but everyone can relate to certain lyrics – everyone has had their dark moments, everyone has had their heart broken, everyone has lost someone they love, for whatever reason. Music is salvation at the end of the day… salvation from my demons”. Screened at Sheffield International Documentary Festival which is recognised internationally as one of the three A list Documentary Festivals in the world. 5th -7th November 2008 Screening on Channel 4 Television 22nd March 2008

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