Outcast how Jews were banished from the anti-racist imagination

BASSI, Camila (2023). Outcast how Jews were banished from the anti-racist imagination. No Pasaran Media.

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Outcast is an exposition of how Jewish people’s experiences of racism have been cast out of the anti-racist imagination, as the very possibility of recognising anti-Jewish racism has been displaced by the commonplace leftist belief that when Jewish people cry ‘antisemitism!’, their surreptitious intent is to cover up the real racism propagated by Israel against the Palestinians. In short, this book explains how Jews have been banished as victims of racism by their demotion as the Left’s racist pariahs. An answer to how this has happened lies both in an academic framework for the study of racism that confines racism to a colonial phenomenon of ‘white over black’ domination, and in the antisemitic idea of ‘the Jewish question’: that something must be done about the harm which Jews pose to humanity. This book shows that when a colonial model of racism and ‘the Jewish question’ are translated into an understanding of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Zionism and all associated Jews become the representation of racism incarnate demanding the unprecedented wipe out of Israel. Conversely, Outcast demonstrates that when the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is analysed through the wider historical context of European antisemitism, colonialism and nationalism, and free from ‘the Jewish question’, the racist and colonial dimensions of Israel are comprehended but not as an exceptional aberration and an outstanding stain on humanity. In sum, escaping the confines of politicised identities, including ‘race’ identities, premised on the idea that there are intrinsic differences dividing and excluding humanity, Outcast makes the case for a genuinely universal politics of human liberation.

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