RLC-induced current oscillations in convoluted arcs with independently activated magnetic fields

SHPANIN, Leon, JONES, Gordon R., HUMPHRIES, Jim E., SPENCER, Joseph W., SHAMMAS, Noel Y. A. and TENNAKOON, Sarath B. (2013). RLC-induced current oscillations in convoluted arcs with independently activated magnetic fields. IEEE transactions on plasma science, 41 (10).

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Link to published version:: https://doi.org/10.1109/TPS.2013.2251479


Experimental results on atmospheric-pressure arc plasma convolutes in air around a polytetrafluoroethylene cylindrical shroud containing a magnetic field ( B-field) producing coil are presented. In this paper, the B-field coil is energized by a current separate from that flowing through the arc, and a separate RLC circuit was connected across the arc gap. Thus the magnitude and time duration of the B-field are independent of the arc current and the high-frequency current oscillations produced by the parallel RLC circuit. Experimental results for the time variation of the current through and voltage across the arc plasma for these different conditions are presented, along with high-speed photographs of the oscillating current arc. The effects of varying the B-field upon plasma pulsations formed by the independent B-field and RLC current oscillations are discussed.

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