Actuating method and device for human interaction multi-joint mechanisms

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (2013). Actuating method and device for human interaction multi-joint mechanisms. WO2013186701.

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An actuating device for a multi-joint mechanism that comprises a base portion (S) and a base joint (O) integral to each other, an interaction portion (3) arranged to provide to a user's limb a contact point, at which an interaction force (F) is applied to said limb, a plurality of movable portions (1, 2, 3) that form respective kinematic segments and that are articulated in order to form a serial kinematic chain starting from the base joint (O) up to the contact point. The actuating device further comprises a mirror mechanism (30) comprising at least one mirror joint (Ο') integral to the base portion (S), a number of mirror movable portions and, respectively, of mirror kinematic segments (1', 2', 3') which is the same number as the movable portions and the same number as the kinematic segments of the multi-joint mechanism (10) articulated to the base portion (S), and have a length that is proportional to the length of the corresponding kinematic segment of the multi-joint mechanism (10), a balance force generation means (k'1, k'2, k'3) for generating a system of balance forces on the mirror kinematic segments (1\ 2', 3'), a transmission means (25) arranged between the multi-joint mechanism (10) and the mirror mechanism (30) configured for keeping the direction of each kinematic segments (1, 2, 3) of the multi-joint mechanism (10) substantially the same as the direction of each mirror kinematic segments (1', 2', 3') for any possible movements of the interaction portion (3) with respect to the base (S) and transmitting the system of balance forces from the mirror mechanism (30) to the multi-joint mechanism (10), in order to balance the interaction force (F).

Item Type: Patent
Additional Information: WO Patent App. PCT/IB2013/054,778
Identification Number: WO2013186701
Depositing User: Basilio Lenzo
Date Deposited: 12 Jan 2017 15:57
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