Timing a one-handed catch. I. Effects of telestereoscopic viewing

BENNETT, Simon J, VAN DER KAMP, John, SAVELSBERGH, Geert JP and DAVIDS, Keith (1999). Timing a one-handed catch. I. Effects of telestereoscopic viewing. Experimental Brain Research, 129 (3), 362-368.

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The aim of this study was to examine the role of binocular and monocular information sources in specifying time-to-contact. More specifically, it was investigated whether the timing of the one-handed catch is consistent with a binocular tau-function strategy. Subjects (n=8) were required to time their grasp to catch a ball approaching with a constant spatial trajectory. The ball approached at three different constant velocities (1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 m/s). Vergence and disparity were manipulated through subjects wearing a telestereoscope to increase the effective interocular separation, under both binocular and monocular viewing. Subjects performed 24 trials in each of the four conditions. Subjects' started the opening of the hand earlier in the binocular telestereoscope condition when a ball approached with velocity of 1. 5 m/s. They then closed the hand earlier in the binocular telestereoscope condition at all ball approach velocities. There were no effects of telestereoscope on the timing of hand opening and closing under monocular viewing. This finding suggests the use of the binocular information in timing the grasp. However, there were effects of approach velocity under all conditions of monocular and binocular viewing. Subjects' closed the hand earlier as a function of increasing approach velocity. Together, the effects of the telestereoscope and approach velocity indicate that timing of the one-handed catch is not consistent with the use of a binocular "tau-function" variable. Rather, it is concluded that multiple sources of monocular and binocular information contribute to the regulation of timing.

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