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BROWSE, Sam (2020). Straight talking honest politics: Rhetorical style and ethos in the mediated politics of metamodernity. In: RINGROW, Helen and PIHLAJA, Stephen, (eds.) Contemporary Media Stylistics. Contemporary Studies in Linguistics . London, Bloomsbury. (In Press)

BROWSE, Sam and HATAVARA, Mari (2019). “I can tell the difference between fiction and reality.” Cross-fictionality and Mind-style in Political Rhetoric. Narrative Inquiry, 29 (2), 332-349.

BROWSE, Sam, GIBBONS, Alison and HATAVARA, Mari (2019). Real fictions: fictionality, factuality and narrative strategies in contemporary storytelling. Narrative Inquiry, 29 (2), 245-267.

BROWSE, Sam (2019). 'That's just what we hear on telly all the time, isn't it?' Political discourse and the cognitive linguistic ethnography of critical reception. In: HART, Christopher, (ed.) Cognitive Linguistic Approaches to Text and Discourse: From Poetics to Politics. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 157-180.

BROWSE, Sam (2018). Reading political minds : "backstage" politics in audience reception. In: KRANERT, Michael and HORAN, Geraldine, (eds.) Doing politics : discursivity, performativity and mediation in political discourse. Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture (80). John Benjamins Publishing Company, 333-360.

BROWSE, Sam (2018). From functional to cognitive grammar in stylistic analysis of Golding’s The Inheritors. Journal of Literary Semantics, 47 (2), 121-146.

BROWSE, Sam (2017). Between truth, sincerity, and satire: Post-truth politics and the rhetoric of sincerity. In: VAN DEN AKKER, Robin, GIBBONS, Alison and VERMEULEN, Timothy, (eds.) Metamodernism : Historicity, Affect and Depth after Postmodernism. New York, Rowman and Littlefield, 167-182.

BROWSE, Sam (2016). 'This is not the end of the world’: situating metaphor in the text-worlds of the 2008 British Financial Crisis. In: GAVINS, Joanna and LAHEY, Ernestine, (eds.) World Building: Discourse in the Mind. Advances in Stylistics . London, Bloomsbury, 183-203.

BROWSE, Sam (2016). Revisiting Text World Theory and extended metaphor: Embedding and foregrounding metaphor in the text-worlds of the 2008 financial crash. Language & Literature, 25 (1), 18-37.

BROWSE, Sam (2014). Resonant Metaphor in Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘Never Let Me Go'. In: HARRISON, Chloe, NUTTALL, Louise, STOCKWELL, Peter and YUAN, Wenjuan, (eds.) Cognitive Grammar in Literature. Linguistic Approaches to Literature (17). Amsterdam, John Benjamins, 69-82.

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