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LIVINGSTONE, Stephen J, LEWINGTON, Emma LM, CLARK, Chris D, STORRAR, Robert D, SOLE, Andrew J, MCMARTIN, Isabelle, DEWALD, Nico and NG, Felix (2020). A quasi-annual record of time-transgressive esker formation: implications for ice sheet reconstruction and subglacial hydrology. The Cryosphere, 14 (6).

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LOVELL, Harold, LIVINGSTONE, Stephen, BOSTON, Clare, BOOTH, Adam, STORRAR, Robert and BARR, Lestyn (2019). Complex kame belt morphology, stratigraphy and architecture. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 44 (13), 2685-2702.

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HOLMES, Naomi, STORRAR, Robert, WRIGHT, Hannah, STEFANIAK, Anne, CRANMER, Rosie, FENG, Haosheng, GRINHAM, Joshua, HOPKINS, Becky, JACKSON, Esme, KITCHING, Calum, PHILIPS, Dom, PRIOR, Azure, RAVENSCROFT, Harri, SMITH, Madeleine, STEELE, Jennie and STERROW, Charlotte (2016). Investigating recent environmental change through geomorphological mapping of glacial landforms in Ladakh, India: a geomorphological outreach project. In: British Society for Geomorphology Annual Meeting, Plymouth, 5th-7th September 2016. (Unpublished)

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HILLIER, J.K., SMITH, M.J., ARMUGAM, R., BARR, I., BOSTON, C.M., CLARK, C.D., ELY, J., FRANKL, A., GREENWOOD, S.L., GOSSELIN, L., HATTESTRAND, C., HOGAN, K., HUGHES, A.L.C., LIVINGSTONE, S.J., LOVELL, H., MCHENRY, M., MUNOZ, Y., PELLICER, X.M., PELLITERO, R., ROBB, C., ROBERTSON, S., RUTHER, D., SPAGNOLO, M., STANDELL, M., STOKES, C.R., STORRAR, R., TATE, N.J. and WOOLDRIDGE, K. (2015). Manual mapping of drumlins in synthetic landscapes to assess operator effectiveness. Journal of Maps, 11 (5), 719-729.

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