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CONNER, M. T., PERUGINI, M., O'GORMAN, R., AYRES, K. and PRESTWICH, A. (2007). Relations between implicit and explicit measures of attitudes and measures of behavior: evidence of moderation by individual difference variables. Personality and social psychology bulletin, 33 (12), 1727-1740.

PERUGINI, M., O'GORMAN, R. and PRESTWICH, A. (2007). An ontological test of the IAT: self-activation can increase predictive validity. Experimental psychology, 54 (2), 134-147.

O'GORMAN, R., WILSON, D. S. and MILLER, R. R. (2005). Altruistic punishing and helping differ in sensitivity to relatedness, friendship, and future interactions. Evolution and human behaviour, 26 (5), 375-387.

WILSON, D. S. and O'GORMAN, R. (2003). Emotions and actions associated with norm-breaking events. Human nature, 14 (3), 277-304.

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