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THOMAS, Peter, ETHERINGTON, David, JEFFERY, Robert, BERESFORD, Ruth, BEEL, David and JONES, Martin (2020). Tackling Labour Market Injustice and Organising Workers: The View from a Northern Heartland. Project Report. Sheffield TUC.

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JEFFERY, Bob (2018). 'I probably would never move, but ideally like I’d love to move this week': class and residential experience, beyond elective belonging. Sociology, 52 (2), 245-261.

JEFFERY, Bob (2017). Column: Decent housing for everyone in society should be entitlement of all. Sheffield Telegraph.

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JEFFERY, Robert (2010). Intoxication, Transgression and Regeneration: The case of binge drinking in Britain as seen along a historical continuum. In: TAYLOR, Kimberley Jane, (ed.) Regeneration and Reinvention: Practices of the ‘New’. University of Salford: European Studies Research Institute.

TONGE, Jon, EVANS, Jocelyn, JEFFERY, Robert and MCAULEY, James W. (2010). New order: political change and the Protestant Orange tradition in Northern Ireland. The British Journal of Politics & International Relations, 13 (3), 400-419.

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