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BUTLER, Rose (2017). "Welcome to the upside down": Nostalgia and cultural fears in Stranger Things. In: JACKSON, Kimberly and BELAU, Linda, (eds.) Horror Television in the Age of Consumption : Binging on Fear. Routledge Advances in Television Studies . New York, Taylor and Francis, 187-201.

BUTLER, Rose (2016). The Fairs. [Video]

BUTLER, Rose (2016). The Fair. [Show/Exhibition]

SHAW, Becky and BUTLER, Rose (2016). Hide and seek: playing with visibility. In: Putting Space into Action, University of Huddersfield, 30/9/2016. (Unpublished)

SHAW, Becky and BUTLER, Rose (2016). Hiding in Plain Sight (film, photographs, and artists pamphlet). [Artefact]

BUTLER, Rose (2016). Testing Testing. [Show/Exhibition]

BUTLER, Rose (2016). Interiors 2. [Video]

BUTLER, Rose (2016). Come and Go. [Show/Exhibition]

BUTLER, Rose (2014). Lines of Resistance. [Show/Exhibition]

BUTLER, Rose (2014). The Fair. [Video]

BUTLER, Rose and KYPRIANOU, Kypros (2009). One Lime Street. [Artefact]

BUTLER, Rose (2009). BOX: One Minute Volume 3. [Show/Exhibition]

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