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ZAVAGNO, Daniele, DANEYKO, Olga and STUCCHI, Natale (2015). The Poggendorff illusion before Poggendorff. Perception, 44 (4), 383-399.

DANEYKO, Olga, ZAVAGNO, Daniele and STUCCHI, Natale (2014). The size illusion and lightness contrast effect in Delboeuf-like displays : possible evidence of percept–percept coupling. Perception, 43 (7), 705-710.

DANEYKO, Olga, STUCCHI, Natale and ZAVAGNO, Daniele (2011). San Lorenzo and the Poggendorff illusion in Ravenna. i-Perception, 2 (5), 502-507.

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