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LEE, Joanne and SHIRLEY, R (2019). A walker’s guide to littered landscapes: an exploration of interdisciplinary, imaginative and collaborative modes of attention. Green Letters / Green Letters: Studies in Ecocriticism, 23 (3), 306-316.

LEE, Joanne (2019). Georges Perec's Geographies. In: FORSDICK, Charles, LEAK, Andrew and PHILLIPS, Richard, (eds.) Georges Perec’s Geographies: Material, Performative and Textual Spaces. London, UCL Press, 218-235.

LEE, Joanne and WILSON, Paul (2019). A conversation about forms of inscription. In: SPEIGHT, Elaine, (ed.) Practising Place: Creative and Critical Reflections on Place. Art Editions North, 12-29.

LEE, Joanne (2018). Vaguely Northern: in between in England. In: GOLDIE, Chris and WHITE, Darcy, (eds.) Northern Light Landscape, Photography and Evocations of the North. Transcript Verlag, 133-142.

LEE, Joanne (2018). A seven year cycle happens everyday : a reading room, exhibition and thinking space : Pam Flett Press. [Show/Exhibition]

LEE, Joanne (2017). On not staying put : Georges Perec’s ‘Inter(in)disciplinarity’ as an approach to research. Literary Geographies, 3 (1), 11-26.

LEE, Joanne (2016). I See Faces : popular pareidolia and the proliferation of meaning. In: MALINOWSKA, Ania and LEBEK, Karolina, (eds.) Materiality and popular culture : the popular life of things. Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies . Abingdon, Oxon, Routledge.

LEE, Joanne (2016). Exploring a vague terrain. In: SHU Space & Place Group Workshop Day, Heart of the Campus, Sheffield Hallam University, 11 May 2016. (Unpublished)

LEE, Joanne (2016). 'Photographic practice and the infra-ordinary' in a strand Performance, Practice and Pedagogy. In: Perec’s Geographies / Perecquian Geographies : Interdisciplinary Symposium, University of Sheffield, 6 - 7 May 2016. (Unpublished)

LEE, Joanne (2016). Things think me : on chewing gum, plastic bags and smiling cheese graters. In: Research seminar with Joanne Lee and Dr Joanna Croft, Department of Humanities and Social Science, Liverpool John Moores University, 3 May 2016. (Unpublished)

LEE, Joanne (2016). 'Long time dead' and 'Thinking about things'. In: SWANN, Debra, (ed.) Dwelling. Debra Swann & Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University.

LEE, Joanne (2016). Taking care in and of the art school : hope in precarious times. In: Reflections on the Work of Albert Hunt/Within the Art School and Without, Dye House Gallery, Bradford School of Art, 17 March 2016. (Unpublished)

LEE, Joanne (2016). 'Neepsend sequence' and 'Vague terrain'. [Show/Exhibition]

LEE, Joanne and WILSON, Paul (2016). Forms of Inscription : surfaces, patterns and the typography of place. In: Forms of Inscription: surfaces, patterns and the typography of place, Cantor Lecture Theatre, Sheffield Hallam University, 17 February 2016. (Unpublished)

BROWN, Chloe and LEE, Joanne (2016). In Return. [Show/Exhibition]

LEE, Joanne (2016). Working with a spiral curriculum in 120 credit modules in Fine Art and Graphic Design/Illustration. In: Annual Teaching and Learning Conference, Wolverhampton School of Art, 8 January 2016. (Unpublished)

LEE, Joanne (2015). Witches knickers and carrier bag theories : thinking through plastic. In: Provocative Plastics: Design in Plastics from the Practical to the Philosophical, Arts University Bournemouth, 17 - 18 September 2015. (Unpublished)

LEE, Joanne (2015). Witches knickers. [Show/Exhibition]

LEE, Joanne, SPEIGHT, Elaine, SHIRLEY, Rosemary and CHESNEY, Rebecca (2015). Re-imagining rural mythologies: interdisciplinary conference strand. In: Geographical Imagination : Interpretations of Nature, Art and Politics : 6th Nordic Georgraphers Meeting, Tallinn & Tartu, Estonia, 15-19 June 2015. No. (Unpublished)

LEE, Joanne (2015). Editions #2. [Show/Exhibition]

LEE, Joanne (2015). Returns. [Show/Exhibition]

LEE, Joanne (2015). Vague terrain. Pam Flett Press.

LEE, Joanne (2015). White windows. In: White window. Glasgow, Abigale Neate Wilson.

LEE, Joanne (2014). Forms of distraction. Gardarsson Publishing.

LEE, Joanne (2014). 'I see faces': popular pareidolia and the proliferation of meaning. In: The Popular Life of Things: Material Culture(s) and Popular Processes, Institute of English Literatures and Cultures at University of Silesia, Sosnowiec, Poland, 3 - 4 July 2014. (Unpublished)

LEE, Joanne (2014). Publishing Pam Flett Press. In: Researcher essentials: Publishing and how to get published, Loughborough University, 17 June 2015. (Unpublished)

LEE, Joanne (2014). Puff of smoke: curating live art / performance in the gallery. In: Puff of smoke, The Tetley, Leeds, 2 May 2014. (Unpublished)

LEE, Joanne (2014). The art of failure. In: TYMCHAK, Ivor and MICHIE, Richard, (eds.) The Importance of Failure: a Bettakultcha experiment. Leeds, UK, Bettakultcha, 22-25.

LEE, Joanne (2014). In between in the terrain vague. In: Art of the Edgelands, University of Exeter, 26 April 2014. (Unpublished)

LEE, Joanne (2014). 'Barely indicative of a method’: researching with Perec. In: Species of Spaces: A Transdisciplinary Conference on the Work of Georges Perec, Teesside University, 28 March 2014. (Unpublished)

LEE, Joanne (2014). Seconds. [Show/Exhibition]

LEE, Joanne (2014). Exploring the metaphorical terrain. In: KELLY, Traci, (ed.) Feeling it for you (perspective) with seers in residence. Nottingham, UK, Nottingham Trent University, 6-12.

LEE, Joanne (2014). Gumming up the works. Pam Flett Press.

LEE, Joanne (2014). Nine rather disconnected paragraphs : on mental health, capitalism, creative education and the politics of friendship. 37 pieces of flair, 6-8.

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