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TOD, Angela, SKILBECK, Julie, WARNOCK, Clare and ULMAN, Janet (2019). Frailty and treatment decision making in older people with lung cancer (abstract only). In: RCN International Nursing Research Conference and Exhibition 2019 : book of abstracts. Royal College of Nursing.

SKILBECK, Julie, WARNOCK, Clare, ULMAN, Janet and TOD, Angela (2019). The influence of perceptions of frailty on treatment decision making in older people with lung cancer: a qualitative study (Abstract only). In: Conference abstracts: RCN International Nursing Research Conference and Exhibition 2019. Nurse Researcher/RCN, 1-148.

POWNALL, Susan, BARNETT, Elizabeth, SKILBECK, Julie, JIMENEZ-ARANDA, Angel and FOWLER-DAVIS, Sally (2019). The Development of a Digital Dysphagia Guide with Care Homes: Co-Production and Evaluation of a Nutrition Support Tool. Geriatrics, 4 (3), e48.

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POWNALL, Sue, SKILBECK, Julie, BARNETT, Elizabeth, JIMANEZ-ARANDA, Angel and FOWLER-DAVIS, Sally A consensus based approach to the development of a digital dysphagia management guide for care homes (abstract only). In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED.

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