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REEVE, Hester (2018). The Broom Cupboard of the Emily Davison Lodge (exhibited at Hope is Strong). [Artefact]

REEVE, Hester (2018). Philosophy because the world matters. Teaching Artist Journal, 15 (3-4), 169-173.

REEVE, Hester (2017). Yes we Kant! [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2017). Right to protest and freedom of association! [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester and PLENDER, Olivia (2017). The 4th meeting of the Emily Davison Lodge. In: TORMEY, Jane and GILL, Whitely, (eds.) Art, Politics and the Pamphleteer. Bloomsbury.

REEVE, Hester (2017). New generation. [Video]

REEVE, Hester (2016). Live code, live art and the BwO dissection. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 12 (2), 152-162.

REEVE, Hester (2016). Live code, live art and the BwO dissection. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 12 (2), 152-162.

REEVE, Hester (2016). Sollemne Enim est Bibliotheca. (Ceremony for the Library). [Artefact]

REEVE, Hester (2016). The Stoned Tongue. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE HESTER, Reeve Hester (2015). The Artist Lives! Long Live the Artist! [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2015). Of Sound in the Landing Page. [Performance]

REEVE, Hester (2015). Body I am and ‘book’ is just another word for the body. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2015). Ymedaca. Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

REEVE, Hester (2015). Burning to Speak. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2015). The Life Voyager's Tea Service. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2015). 'Nietzsche Salutes HRH.the'. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2015). Performance Art + non knowledge Hester Reeve: On the Good. In: BLOHM, Manfred and MARK, Elke, (eds.) Formen der Wissensgenerierung : Practices in Performance Art.'. Germany, ATHENA, 75-78.

REEVE, Hester (2014). Ymedaca. [Show/Exhibition]

BAILY, Rowan and REEVE, Hester (2014). Sculptural Substance. Journal of writing in creative practice, 7 (3), 545-556.

REEVE, Hester, BECK, Alison, CHEESEMAN, Matthew, EVANS, Caroline, LEVENE, Bob, PARAGREEN, Jonathan, SCHRODER, Arne and SPENCER, Sarah (2014). Park Life. In: CHEESEMAN, Matthew, (ed.) No picnic : explorations in art and research. Sheffield, University of Sheffield, Centre for English Cultural Tradition and Language, 54-63.

REEVE, Hester, PLENDER, Olivia and CHAMBERS, Emma (2013). Sylvia Pankhurst : The Suffragette as a Militant Artist. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2013). The 'B' in Philosophy. In: What is Performance Philosophy?, University of Surrey, 2013. (Unpublished)

REEVE, Hester (2012). Virtuouso (dismembered Sonata for Hannah Arendt). [Performance]

REEVE, Hester and MCLEAN, Alex (2012). Live Notation ("RockspaceStar"). [Performance]

REEVE, Hester (2011). Come into my House. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester and PLENDER, Olivia (2010). The Emily Davison Lodge - "Out of the Archives". [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2010). "No Agenda" (David Bohm's Dialogue). In: BRUNE, Jens Peter, GRONKE, Horst and KROHN, Dieter, (eds.) The challenge of dialogue : socratic dialogue and other forms of dialogue in different political systems and cultures. Series on Socratic Philosophizing (12). Berlin, LIT, 97-112.

REEVE, Hester (2009). The Cannonisation of HRH.the. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2009). Guest: Olivia Plender; Host: Hester Reeve. Transmission : Host : 2009 : Stranger. . London, Artwords Press.

REEVE, Hester (2008). Head hunting art : the artist-philosopher and the value of incorporating philosophy within the education of practicing artists. The International Journal of the Arts in Society, 2 (6), 1-8.

REEVE, Hester (2008). Weighting for the Return of the Image I, II & III. [Show/Exhibition]

REEVE, Hester (2008). Guest: Brain Catling ; Host: Hester Reeve. Transmission : Host. 2008. . London, Artwords Press.

REEVE, Hester, BAYLY, Simon, DIKEN, Bulent and TREHY, Tony (2005). Art on Terror. Transmission : The Rules of Engagement . London, Artwords Press.

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