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FERGUSON, Leesa Susanne, WULFERT, Florian, WOLSTENHOLME, Rosalind, FONVILLE, Judith Marlou, CLENCH, Malcolm, CAROLAN, Vikki Amanda and FRANCESE, Simona (2012). Direct detection of peptides and small proteins in fingermarks and determination of sex by MALDI mass spectrometry profiling. The Analyst, 137 (20), 4686-4692.

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DOUCET, Frederic J., WHITE, Gavin A., WULFERT, Florian, HILL, Sandra E. and WISEMAN, Julian (2010). Predicting in vivo starch digestibility coefficients in newly weaned piglets from in vitro assessment of diets using multivariate analysis. British Journal of Nutrition, 103 (09), 1309-1318.

WYCHE, K. P., MONKS, P. S., ELLIS, A. M., CORDELL, R. L., PARKER, A. E., WHYTE, C., METZGER, A., DOMMEN, J., DUPLISSY, J., PREVOT, A. S. H., BALTENSPERGER, U., RICKARD, A. R. and WULFERT, F. (2009). Gas phase precursors to anthropogenic secondary organic aerosol: detailed observations of 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene photooxidation. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 9 (2), 635-665.

SAVAGE, Angela K, TUCKER, Gregory, VAN DUYNHOVEN, John PM, WULFERT, Florian and DAYKIN, Clare A (2009). Nutrimetabolomics: development of a bio-identification toolbox to determine the bioactive compounds in grape juice. Bioanalysis, 1 (9), 1537-1549.

CHANNELL, Guy A., WULFERT, Florian and TAYLOR, Andrew J. (2008). Identification and monitoring of intermediates and products in the acrylamide pathway using online analysis. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 56 (15), 6097-6104.

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