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REID, James and SWANN, David (2019). Decolonising the Finnish Baby box: A sociomaterial approach to designing interventions for infant and maternal health and well-being in Zambia. Journal of Early Childhood Education Research, 8 (2).

SWANN, David, MEATON, Julia and BARTYS, Serena (2019). WAAA! The conception and rapid development of a wearable for good technology. Design for Health, 2 (2), 253-265.

SWANN, David, WALLWEIN, Louise and ROBERTS, Susan (2017). 2017 Push Festival: The Island, The Sea, The Volunteer and The Refugee. [Show/Exhibition]

DAVID, Swann (2016). Ars et Techne Design Expositions. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2016). An introduction to the challenges and opportunities for design. In: COOPER, Rachel and TSEKLEVES, Emmanuel, (eds.) Design for Healthcare. Design for Social Responsibility . Gower.

SWANN, David (2016). Behind the Scenes : The Headline Ballad - on location photographs. [Image]

SWANN, David (2016). LIFEBELT. [Artefact]

SWANN, David M and HEYS, Paul (2016). Absence-Presence: Kos. [Show/Exhibition]

PIGOTT, Joanne, HARGREAVES, Janet, POWER, Jess and SWANN, David (2016). Liminal Hospital Spaces : Corridors to Well-Being? In: Well-Being 2016: Third International Conference Exploring the Multi-Dimensions of Well-Being, Birmingham City University, 5-6 September 2016. (Submitted)

SWANN, David (2016). Safe and sound : protection and surveillance in 21st century. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David, WALLWEIN, Louise, ROBERTS, Sue and BENINCASA-SHARMAN, Cate (2016). LifeHacket Trio. [Artefact]

SWANN, David, BARTYS, Serena, MARTIN, Haydn, KEATON, Julia and MA, Minhua (2015). WAAA! [Artefact]

UNVER, Ertu, SILKSTONE, Robert and SWANN, David (2015). Design, development, and prototyping of a bike chain & gear mechanism cleaning product. Project Report. University of Huddersfield. (Unpublished)

UNVER, ertu and SWANN, David (2015). MedTec Exhibition 2015. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2015). Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2015. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2015). Ebola Bleach Dilution gauge. [Artefact] (Unpublished)

UNVER, Ertu, BURKE, Patrick, HOWARD, Chris and SWANN, David (2015). Scalp Cooling Cap. [Artefact]

SWANN, David (2014). Innovate UK 2014. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2014). Design House Exhibition : Transforming Cities. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2014). Design is Everywhere. Canada, ARTV.

SWANN, David (2014). Designs of the Year Exhibition 2014. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2014). ABC Syringe. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2014). UKTI's British Business Embassy Exhibition 2014. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2014). GREAT Festival of Creativity Exhibition 2014. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2014). The Review Show. BBC4.

SWANN, David (2014). BBC Breakfast News. BBC Breakfast News, BBC4.

SWANN, David (2014). Design & Education : Creating the Future Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2013). A behaviour changing syringe : making invisible risk, visible to deter the reuse of syringes in a curative context. In: 2nd Global Forum on Medical Devices: Priority Devices for Universal Health Coverage, Centre International de Conférences Genève (CICG), Geneva, 22nd-24th November 2013. (Unpublished)

SWANN, David (2013). CNN International. Global, CNN International.

SWANN, David (2013). ROTOЯ : Mobilising Healthcare. [Show/Exhibition]

UNVER, Ertu and SWANN, David (2013). The Conceptual Design of a Blister Pack Opening Tool. Project Report. University of Huddersfield. (Unpublished)

UNVER, Ertu, HOWARD, Chris, SWANN, David and STOCKTON, Glynn (2013). Design, development and prototyping of portable Potty as part of Petit en Suite Child’s Pop-up Privacy Room. Project Report. University of Huddersfield. (Unpublished)

SWANN, David (2013). 2nd Design 4 Health 2013 Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

UNVER, Ertu, HOWARD, Chris and SWANN, David (2013). Design & Development of Scalp Cooling Cap. In: Smart Scalp Cooling Symposium, 3M Buckley Innovation Centre , Huddersfield, UK., 16th May 2013. (Submitted)

SWANN, David (2013). Healthcare Innovation Expo 2013. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2013). ABC Syringe. [Artefact]

PIGOTT, Joanne, SWANN, David, HARGREAVES, Janet and POWER, Jess (2013). Hospitalisation : a study investigating the personalisation of sterile domains. In: 2nd European Design4Health Conference 2015, Sheffield, 13th-16th July 2015. (Unpublished)

SWANN, David (2012). Home Improvements. Govtoday.

SWANN, David (2012). We can't export healthcare without hygiene. Public Servant.

SWANN, David and UNVER, Ertu (2012). Buy, Drink, Recycle, Sell, See. [Artefact]

SWANN, David (2011). Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Learning Network’s In-Person Meeting: Co-Designing the Future of Connected Healing. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2011). Copenhagen Design Week 2011. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2011). The Health Show. BBC World, Rockhopper TV.

SWANN, David (2011). INDEX: Award Exhibition 2011. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2011). 1st European Design4Health Conference Exhibition 2011. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2011). 21st Century Nursing Bag. [Artefact]

SWANN, David (2011). NHS at Home : A Co-design Research Project to Develop a 21st Century Nursing Bag. In: ANDERSON, Martin, (ed.) Contemporary Ergonomics and Human Factors 2011. Contemporary ergonomics . CRC Press.

SWANN, David (2011). NHS at Home : ssing Lego Serious Play to capture service narratives and envision future healthcare products. In: Include 2011: The Role of Inclusive Design in Making Social Innovation Happen, RCA London, 18-20th April 2011.

SWANN, David (2010). Research RCA: New Knowledge 2010. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David (2010). Transformable Sterile field. [Artefact]

SWANN, David (2009). Research in Progress Show. [Show/Exhibition]

HARROW, Dale, MATTHEWS, Ed, THOMPSON, Robert and SWANN, David (2009). Healthcare on the Move Exhibition 2009. [Show/Exhibition]

SWANN, David and CALDWELL, Nigel (2009). Design Engaging with Healthcare Transformation : a project, a pod and a PhD. In: Include 2009: International Conference on Inclusive Design, Royal College of Art, 5-8th April 2009. (Unpublished)

SWANN, David (2009). Concept Gadgets: Babylon AD. [Artefact]

HARROW, Dale, COLEMAN, Roger, MATTHEWS, Ed, THOMPSON, Rob, SWANN, David, HIGNETT, Sue, BENGER, Jonathan, CALDWELL, Nigel and PETERSEN, Alan (2009). Healthcare on the move : treating patients in the community : the Smart Pods Project. Royal College of Art, Royal College of Art.

SWANN, David (1997). Shared World, Shared Wealth. [Artefact]

SWANN, David 3rd Taipei Design & City Exhibition 2014. [Show/Exhibition]

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