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SMITH, Christine, SUN, Mingxu, KENNEY, Laurence, HOWARD, David, LUCKIE, Helen, WARING, Karen, TAYLOR, Paul, MERSON, Earl, FINN, Stacey and COTTERILL, Sarah (2019). A three-Site clinical feasibility study of a flexible functional electrical stimulation system to support functional task practice for upper limb recovery in people with stroke. Frontiers in Neurology, 10, p. 227.

SMITH, Christine, KENNEY, Laurence, HOWARD, David, WARING, Karen, SUN, Minxgu, LUCKIE, Helen, HARDIKER, Nicholas and COTTERILL, Sarah (2018). Prediction of setup times for an advanced upper limb functional electrical stimulation system. Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering, 5.

SUN, Mingxu, SMITH, Christine, HOWARD, David, KENNEY, Laurence, LUCKIE, Helen, WARING, Karen, TAYLOR, Paul, MERSON, Earl and FINN, Stacey (2018). FES-UPP: A Flexible Functional Electrical Stimulation System to Support Upper Limb Functional Activity Practice. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 12, p. 449.

YOUNG, Rachel, RICHARDS, Emma, DARJI, Neha, VELPULA, Suchitra, SMITH, Christine, BROOM, David and GODDARD, Sara (2018). Power assisted exercise for people with complex neurological impairment : a feasibility study. International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, 25 (6), 262-271.

SUN, Mingxu, KENNEY, Laurence, SMITH, Christine, WARING, Karen, LUCKIE, Helen, LIU, Anmin and HOWARD, David (2016). A novel method of using accelerometry for upper limb FES control. Medical engineering & physics, 38 (11), 1244-1250.

SUN, M, HOWARD, D, KENNEY, LPJ, SMITH, Christine, LUCKIE, HM and WARING, K (2016). A flexible control system of functional electrical stimulation (FES) for upper limb rehabilitation. In: Medical Physics & Engineering Conference 2016. Institute of Physics & Engineering in Medicine, 43-44. (Unpublished)

SUN, M, KENNEY, Laurence, SMITH, Christine, WARING, K, LUCKIE, HM and HOWARD, D (2016). A flexible finite state controller for upper limb functional electrical stimulation. In: 20th Annual Conference of the International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society. (Unpublished)

TAYLOR, P, MANN, G, ESNOUF, J, LUCKIE, HM, WARING, K, MCFADDEN, C, SMITH, Christine and KENNEY, LPJ (2015). Accelerometer-triggered functional electrical stimulation for recovery of upper limb function in chronic stroke patients : A randomised trial. International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society (IFESS). (Unpublished)

WILLIAMSON, T, KENNEY, L, BARKER, A T, COOPER, G, GOOD, T, HEALEY, J, HELLER, Ben, HOWARD, D, MATTHEWS, M, PRENTON, S, RYAN, J and SMITH, Christine (2015). Enhancing public involvement in assistive technology design research. Disability and Rehabilitation. Assistive Technology, 10 (3), 258-265.

SMITH, Christine, KENNEY, Laurence, HOWARD, D, WARING, K, SUN, M and HARDIKER, NR (2013). The relationship between impairment, functional ability, hand-arm task complexity and set-up difficulty for an Advanced FES Rehab Tool. In: Fourth Conference of the UK and Ireland Chapter of the International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society (IFESSUKI). (Unpublished)

BRETTLE, AJ, BROWN, TM, HARDIKER, NR, RADCLIFFE, JN and SMITH, Christine (2013). Telehealth: The effects on clinical outcomes, cost effectiveness and the patient experience: a systematic overview of the literature. Technical Report. Salford, University of Salford.

TRESADERN, P, THIES, SB, KENNEY, LPJ, HOWARD, D, SMITH, Christine, RIGBY, J and GOULERMAS, JY (2009). Simulating acceleration from stereophotogrammetry for medical device design. Journal Of Biomechanical Engineering, 131 (6).

THIES, SB, TRESADERN, PA, KENNEY, LPJ, SMITH, J, HOWARD, D, GOULERMAS, JY, SMITH, Christine and RIGBY, J (2009). Movement variability in stroke patients and controls performing two upper limb functional tasks: a new assessment methodology. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, 6 (2).

THIES, SB, TRESADERN, P, KENNEY, LPJ, HOWARD, D, GOULERMAS, JY, SMITH, Christine and RIGBY, J (2007). Comparison of linear acceleration from three measurement systems during “reach & grasp”. Medical Engineering & Physics, 29 (9), 967-972.

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