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WIGELSWORTH, Amy (2020). Smoke and mirrors: secret societies and self-reflexivity in the mystères urbains. Nineteenth-Century French Studies, 48 (3&4), 258-275.

WIGELSWORTH, Amy (2017). Illustration et dissimulation dans Les Mystères de Paris : enjeux de l’édition illustrée. In: COLIN, Armand, (ed.) Le sens du social. Romantisme (175). Armand Colin, 97-112.

WIGELSWORTH, Amy (2015). Sex and the city : représentations du féminin dans les mystères urbains [également disponible en anglais]. Les Mystères urbains au XIXe siècle : circulations, transferts, appropriations.

WIGELSWORTH, Amy (2014). Finishings off: Murder à la malet in Simsolo’s Les Derniers mystères de Paris. In: KIMYONGUR, Angela and WIGELSWORTH, Amy, (eds.) Rewriting wrongs: French crime fiction and the palimpsest. Newcastle Upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 175-190.

KIMYONGÜR, Angela and WIGELSWORTH, Amy, eds. (2014). Rewriting Wrongs: French Crime Fiction and the Palimpsest. Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

WIGELSWORTH, Amy (2014). Detection in the second degree in French urban mystery novels. Australasian Journal of Popular Culture, 3 (1), 19-31.

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