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MORRISON, Andrew (2020). The Foundations of Distributive Justice: A Morphogenetic Analysis of Gomberg and Fraser. Sociology.

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MORRISON, Andrew (2015). Education, privatisation and social justice: case studies from Africa, South Asia and South East Asia by Ian MacPherson, Susan Robertson and Geoffrey Walford (eds.), ISBN 978-1-873927-37-3, £28 (Book review). Higher Education Review, 48 (1).

MORRISON, Andrew (2014). ‘I think that’s bad' : lay normativity and perceived barriers to employment in primary teaching in the UK. Sociology, 49 (4), 643-659.

MORRISON, Andrew (2014). Hegemony through responsibilisation : getting working-class students into higher education in the United Kingdom. Power and Education, 6 (2), 118-129.

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