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HARVEY, Amanda, MADSEN, Jeppe, DOUGLAS, C. W. Ian, MACNEIL, Sheila and ARMES, Steven P. (2016). Antimicrobial graft copolymer gels. Biomacromolecules, 17 (8), 2710-2718.

HARVEY, Amanda, DAY, Rebecca, COLE, Laura M., BARTLETT, Maggie, WARWICK, John, BOJAR, Richard, SMITH, David, CROSS, Neil and CLENCH, Malcolm R. (2016). MALDI-MSI for the analysis of a 3D tissue-engineered psoriatic skin model. Proteomics, 16 (11-12), 1718-1725.

HARVEY, Amanda, DRAGANJAC, Mark, CHIU, Sheng, SNELL, R and BENJAMIN, Ellis (2009). Microwave Synthesis of cisDichlorotetrakis(dimethylsulfoxide)ruthenium(II). Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science, 63 (26), p. 185.

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