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SCHWARTZ-NARBONNE, Rachel, SCHAEFFER, Philippe, HOPMANS, Ellen C., SCHENESSE, Margot, ALEX CHARLTON, E., MARTIN JONES, D., SINNINGHE DAMSTÉ, Jaap S., FARHAN UL HAQUE, Muhammad, JETTEN, Mike S.M., LENGGER, Sabine K., COLIN MURRELL, J., NORMAND, Philippe, NUIJTEN, Guylaine H.L., TALBOT, Helen M. and RUSH, Darci (2020). A unique bacteriohopanetetrol stereoisomer of marine anammox. Organic Geochemistry, p. 103994.

LENGGER, Sabine K., RUSH, Darci, MAYSER, Jan Peter, BLEWETT, Jerome, SCHWARTZ-NARBONNE, Rachel, TALBOT, Helen M., MIDDELBURG, Jack J., JETTEN, Mike S.M., SCHOUTEN, Stefan, SINNINGHE DAMSTÉ, Jaap S. and PANCOST, Richard D. (2019). Dark carbon fixation in the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone contributes to sedimentary organic carbon (SOM). Global Biogeochemical Cycles.

SCHWARTZ-NARBONNE, Rachel, LONGSTAFFE, F.J., KARDYNAL, K.J., DRUCKENMILLER, P., HOBSON, K.A., JASS, C.N., METCALFE, J.Z. and ZAZULA, G. (2019). Reframing the mammoth steppe: Insights from analysis of isotopic niches. Quaternary Science Reviews, 215, 1-21.

SCHWARTZ-NARBONNE, Rachel, LONGSTAFFE, Fred J, METCALFE, Jessica Z and ZAZULA, Grant (2015). Solving the woolly mammoth conundrum: amino acid 15N-enrichment suggests a distinct forage or habitat. Scientific Reports, 5 (1).

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