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ARBORE, Giuseppina, HENLEY, Tom, BIGGINS, Laura, ANDREWS, Simon, VIGORITO, Elena, TURNER, Martin and LEYLAND, Rebecca (2019). MicroRNA-155 is essential for the optimal proliferation and survival of plasmablast B cells. Life Science Alliance, 2 (3), e201800244.

STOKES, Hannah, CROSS, Neil and LEYLAND, Rebecca (2018). Characterisation of novel lung cancer cell lines for immuno-inhibitory markers. In: BMRC/MERI Winter Poster Event 2018, Sheffield, 14 Dec 2018. BMRC/MERI. (Unpublished)

HUDSON, Katie, CROSS, Neil, JORDAN-MAHY, Nicola and LEYLAND, Rebecca (2018). Flow cytometric phenotyping of diverse human cancer cell lines for immunological biomarkers expression. In: BMRC/MERI Winter Poster Event, Sheffield, 14 Dec 2018. BMRC/MERI. (Unpublished)

LEYLAND, Rebecca, ARBORE, Giuseppina, HENLEY, Tom, ANDREWS, Simon, TURNER, Martin and VIGORITO, Elena (2018). miR-155 is essential for proliferation and survival of plasmablast B-cells. In: European Congress for Immunology 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2-5 September 2018. (Unpublished)

LEYLAND, Rebecca, ABERDEIN, Nicola, WRIGHT, Rebecca and BUTTON, Mary L (2018). Providing productive feedback to Higher Education students. In: SHU Annual Learning and Teaching Conference, Sheffield, UK, 10-11 July 2018. (Unpublished)

OWENS, Kyle, PEAKE, Nicholas, JORDAN-MAHY, Nikki and LEYLAND, Rebecca (2018). Exploring the interactions of Interferon-gamma and polyphenols in colorectal cancer cells. In: British Society for Immunology: Yorkshire Immunology Group Annual Symposium 2018, University of York, UK, 15th June 2018. (Unpublished)

DOWLING, Joshua, FERRIERA DE MATOS, Cristiana, LEYLAND, Rebecca and CROSS, Neil (2018). Investigation of TRAIL resistance in lung cancer cell lines. In: British Society for Immunology: Yorkshire Immunology Group Symposium 2018, University of York, UK, 15th June 2018. (Unpublished)

SHEPPARD, Emily C, MORRISH, Rikke Brandstrup, DILLON, Michael J, LEYLAND, Rebecca and CHAHWAN, Richard (2018). Epigenomic modifications mediating antibody maturation. Frontiers in immunology, 9, p. 355.

MORROW, Michelle, LEYLAND, Rebecca, HAIR, James, STEWART, Ross, TIGUE, Natalie, BAMBER, Lisa, IRELAND, Samantha, HOLOWECKYI, Nicholas, OBERST, Michael, WATKINS, Amanda, OFFER, Emily, PEREZ-MARTINEZ, David, LEOW, Ching Ching, YOUNG, Lesley, VAUGHAN, Tristan, MALLINDER, Philip and WILKINSON, Robert (2017). MEDI1873, a GITR ligand fusion protein (GITRL FP), induces effector T-cell proliferation, modulates T-regulatory cell function and has the potential to combine with checkpoint inhibitors. Cancer Research, 77 (13 Sup), p. 4604.

LEYLAND, Rebecca and FOSTER, Jennifer (2017). Pharma Industry - where innovation impacts lives. Express Pharma News Bureau.

WILLIAMS, G.S., MISTRY, B., GUILLARD, S., ULRICHSEN, J.C., SANDERCOCK, A.M., WANG, J., GONZÁLEZ-MUÑOZ, A., PARMENTIER, J., BLACK, C., SODEN, J., FREETH, J., JOVANOVIC, J., LEYLAND, Rebecca, AL-LAMKI, R.S., LEISHMAN, A.J., RUST, S.J., STEWART, R., JERMUTUS, L., BRADLEY, J.R., BEDIAN, V., VALGE-ARCHER, V., MINTER, R. and WILKINSON, R.W. (2016). Phenotypic screening reveals TNFR2 as a promising target for cancer immunotherapy. Oncotarget, 7 (42), 68278-68291.

PRIME, John E, MOSELY, Suzanne, KOOPMANN, Jens-Oliver, WANG, Dennis YQ, GREENAWALT, Danielle, HARPER, James, AHDESMAKI, Miika J, LEYLAND, Rebecca, HARRIS, Olivia, STEWART, Ross, BROHAWN, Philip, HIGGS, Brandon, LANGFORD, Bryony, HERATH, Athula, KOZARSKI, Robert, COATES-ULRICHSEN, Jane, ANDERTON, Judith, MORROW, Michelle, SAINSON, Richard CA and WILKINSON, Robert W (2016). Abstract 4186: syngenomic fingerprint: the biomic characterization of the mouse syngeneic tumor models. Cancer Research, 76 (14 Sup), p. 4186.

STEWART, Ross A, TIGUE, Natalie, IRELAND, Samantha, HAIR, James, BAMBER, Lisa, OBERST, Michael, LEYLAND, Rebecca, WATKINS, Amanda, KENNEDY, Maureen, JENNIFER, Cann, YOUNG, Lesley and WILKINSON, Robert W (2016). MED11873: A novel hexameric GITRL fusion protein with potent agonsitic and immunomodulatory activities in preclinical systems (Abstract only). Cancer Research, 76 (14 Sup), p. 561.

LEYLAND, Rebecca, WATKINS, Amanda, MULGREW, Kathy A, BAMBER, Lisa, TIGUE, Natalie J, DICK, Emily, HOLOWECKYJ, Nick, YOUNG, Lesley, MORROW, Michelle, HAMMOND, Scott A, LEOW, Ching Ching, WILKINSON, Robert W and STEWART, Ross (2016). A mouse GITRL fusion protein drives T-cell activation and antitumor activity in preclinical mouse models of cancer (Abstract only). Cancer Research, 76 (14 Sup), p. 4902.

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