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KABIRI, Peyman and CHAVOSHI, Mahdieh (2019). Destructive Attacks Detection and Response System for Physical Devices in Cyber-Physical Systems. In: 2019 International Conference on Cyber Security and Protection of Digital Services (Cyber Security). IEEE.

KABIRI, Peyman and HOSEINI, Seyyed Ali Hoseini (2018). "A Novel Feature-Based Approach for Indoor Monocular SLAM". Electronics, 7 (11), p. 305.

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KIANINEJAD, Marzieh and KABIRI, Peyman (2018). A strategy for trust propagation along the more trusted paths. In: 2018 3rd Conference on Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary Computation (CSIEC). IEEE, 1-6.

MOSTAFAVI, Mojtaba and KABIRI, Peyman (2018). Detection of repetitive and irregular hypercall attacks from guest virtual machines to Xen hypervisor. Iran journal of computer science, 1 (2), 89-97.

HOSEINI, Seyyed Ali and KABIRI, Peyman (2018). Camera pose estimation in unknown environments using a sequence of wide-baseline monocular images. Journal of artificial intelligence & data mining (JAIDM), 6 (1), 93-103.

KABIRI, Peyman and MOKHTARI, Ali (2018). A Novel Seven-valued Buffer. In: Proceedings of 3rd National Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (TEC-2018). Civillica.

HOSEINI, S.A. and KABIRI, P. (2017). A feature-based approach for monocular camera tracking in unknown environments. In: 2017 3rd International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (IPRIA). IEEE, 75-79.

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