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DING, Qi, CUI, Xing, XU, Guo-Hua, HE, Chao-Hong and WU, Kejun (2018). Quantum chemistry calculation aided design of chiral ionic liquid-based extraction system for amlodipine separation. AIChE Journal, 64 (11), 4080-4088.

WU, Kejun, GAO, Yunhu and TORRENTE-MURCIANO, Laura (2018). Continuous synthesis of hollow silver-palladium nanoparticles for catalytic applications. Faraday Discussions.

BELL, Tamsin E., ZHAN, Guowu, WU, Kejun, ZENG, Hua Chun and TORRENTE-MURCIANO, Laura (2017). Modification of ammonia decomposition activity of ruthenium nanoparticles by N-Doping of CNT supports. Topics in Catalysis, 60 (15-16), 1251-1259.

WU, KeJun, DE VARINE BOHAN, Geoffroy Michet and TORRENTE-MURCIANO, Laura (2017). Synthesis of narrow sized silver nanoparticles in the absence of capping ligands in helical microreactors. Reaction Chemistry & Engineering, 2 (2), 116-128.

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