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GARCÍA-SOLÓRZANO, Luis A, ESPARZA-LOPEZ, Carlos J and AL-OBAIDI, Karam (2020). Environmental design solutions for existing concrete flat roofs in low-cost housing to improve passive cooling in western Mexico. Journal of Cleaner Production.

ISMAIL, Muhammad Azzam and MUSTAFA AL-OBAIDI, Karam (2019). Exploration in Using Algae to Enhance Indoor Environment in the Tropical Climate. In: 2019 2nd Asia Conference on Energy and Environment Engineering (ACEEE). IEEE.

AL-MASRANI, Salwa M. and AL-OBAIDI, Karam (2019). Dynamic shading systems: A review of design parameters, platforms and evaluation strategies. Automation in construction, 102, 195-216.

GHAFFARIANHOSEINI, Amirhosein, BERARDI, Umberto, GHAFFARIANHOSEINI, Ali and AL-OBAIDI, Karam (2019). Analyzing the thermal comfort conditions of outdoor spaces in a university campus in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Science of the total environment.

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